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The Ripstic is the original all-in-one vaporizer pen. Any of our attachments will fit any of our batteries. You only need one pen for all your vaporizer needs! Every Ripstic includes a free refillable e-cigarette attachment.

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RipStic Portable Vaporizer


For your personalized RipKit, choose from:
· 3 Battery Styles
o Standard
o USB Passthrough
o Variable Voltage / Meter

· 3 Different Concentrate Attachments
o “The OG” – Our classic stainless well. It holds more and hits harder than any attachment on the market!
o RipDome- A portable dome and e-nail for fat tasty rips, on the go. It’s your dome away from home.
o RipSlic – Similar to the dome but more discreet and durable. So slic.

· Dual Raw/Concentrate Attachment
o RipRaw- Can be used for dry herbs OR concentrates.

· 3 E-Cig Attachments

Ripstic is always working to expand inventory, in order to provide our customers with the best options possible!

Our customer service is handled entirely by company managers, and to ensure that all Ripstic buyers are satisfied, we offer a 30-day warranty on undamaged batteries and replacement of defective attachments (on arrival).

About Our Company
Ripstic is owned and operated by two friends who are changing the game, by offering customers the best quality for the best price. Period.
When compared with the biggest brand name vaporizer pen companies, Ripstic offers better prices, better customer service, and better rips! Seriously.
Ripstics are available for wholesale to interested buyers and can even be customized!
We have already made customized pens for buyers like STS9, BoomBox, and Project Aspect.