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Our effective 2oz supplement drinks use a proprietary blend that contains ingredients that make it like no other shots on the market! Studies have shown that two of the main ingredients we selected, Kanna and Myrcene, are known herbal potentiates.

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Our 2oz proprietary blend contains ingredients that make it like no other shots on the market! Studies have shown that two of the main ingredients we selected, Kanna and Myrcene, are known herbal potentiates. This means, by drinking our shots 20-30 minutes before your preferred activities, you will enhance and help reduce the amount needed to achieve quicker and longer lasting effect. We start all our shots with a Mango Fruit Extract base and strived to retain that crisp taste, so drinking our shots is a refreshing experience as well. We currently offer 3 shots to meet your different needs: HIGHVOTAGE is for Energy shot, MAGNAHIGH is a melatonin free Relax and Focus shot and COUCHLOCK is a Lounge shot. We like to refer to it as morning, noon and night. Although we designed our shots with the smokin’ enthusiast in mind, they are very effective when used on their own.

HIGHVOLTAGE – The HighVoltage Supplement uses our proprietary blend base with the added benefits of caffeine for that much need boost of energy anytime you want it. This shot contains more caffeine then Red Bull or 5 Hour Energy. Since we do not use ephedra, you get a jolt of energy without the jitters. Need a pick me up in the morning? Need a boost in the afternoon? Need motivation to go out at night? You need HighVoltage. This is also a great boost to add to mixed drinks.

MAGNAHIGH – The MagnaHigh Supplement uses our proprietary blend base and contains just the right amount of L-theanine and several other beneficial ingredients to relax and remain focused. Of the three shots, this one contains no added caffeine or melatonin, making it perfect to take in the middle of the day, when you need to stay on task.

COUCLOCK – Our CouchLock Supplement uses our proprietary blend base and then we added just the right amount of chamomile, hops, melatonin and other relaxing ingredients. The combination of these powerful elements will help reduce stress and allow you to enjoy an evening of inner calmness, better sleep and vivid dreams. You wake up feeling refreshed without the side effects that some other relaxation shots can give.

Please read a few customer reviews:

"Let me start by saying I am a big fan of energy drinks and usually have one a day for work. That being said I have tried the 5 hour energy before and it was NASTY tasted gross and felt ultrajitters. Upon drinking the High Voltage I was immediately stoked I didn't have to gag it down.
The mango taste is totally epic way better than any other energy shot I have had. This shot gave me absolutely no jitters and I was ultra-focused on the task at hand. Not to mention instead of medicating all day, like I usually do. I was able to take probably half the amount of tokes and still had the same desired effect. IMHO these are the best thing available if you are a fan of energy drinks/shots and you want a boost to you bud, GET YOURSELF SOME HIGH VOLTAGE STAT!" – Cody Szymanski

"Couchlock is an AMAZING product, works exactly like it says. I HIGHLY recommend it! ~ The orange bottle "High Voltage" has 200mg of caffeine for your wake n bake. The magna-high is a blend perfect for the mid-day and CouchLock is preferred for your bedtime toke. They all work super great" – Chad Crosby


"LOVING my High Voltage!! Only drank half and I feel awake and refreshed, the mango taste is so yummy and tropical…" - Kaycee Jayne

"Being a smoker for many years, I found my buzz didn’t last as long as it used to. I heard about Couchlock, seeked it out and tried it. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! My buzz lasted about 3-4 hours longer than normal and I truly became “couchlocked”. The flavor is great too! If you are a connoisseur of herbage, I HIGHLY recommend this product for your arsenal. I know it will be in mine!!" – Heather Lewis

"I shook the bottle well and drank at around 9:10 in the morning… It was great :) 30 minutes later I inhaled a smoke cone stuffed with Arjan Haze, one of my favorite strains :) soon I felt a permanent smile come across my face and felt the effects 10x stronger. Kannabliss totally enhanced my high that lasted long throughout my day as I did errands and even ate! The effects were still present. I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to everyone out there. I can’t wait to test out future products! Keep it up CouchLock! <3" – Crystal OG

We also have several reputable bloggers and activist who love KannaBliss and rave about how it well it works and you can read their review by using these links:

In addition, we have editorials and ads in HighTimes Magazine, ReLeaf Magazine, The Art of MaryJane, LSQ Magazine, Cannabis NOW Magazine and WeedBoy.

Just to clarify, you do not need to be a "smoker" to enjoy the benefits of our shots. We have several customers tell us they work better then other Energy and Relaxations shots currently on the market.

We are currently offering an amazing deal for new accounts.

We do NOT contain any bath salts, spice, synthetic pot or any other marijuana alternatives. All our ingredients are G.R.A.S. under sections 201(s) and 409 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.


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