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Name Brand Titanium from U.S. Companies Retail Sales and Wholesale Ti Nails, Carb Caps, Dabbers and more.

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420Titanium: Our goal is to provide customers with the largest selection of name brand titanium nails by U.S. Companies. There's a lot of sketchiness going on with a lot of the imported nails found online and in headshops. Some of them are made out of recycled titanium and even worse, some of them aren't purely made out of titanium, but they're sold as "titanium". These nails can be very harmful to your health. It also hurts all of the ethical manufacturers in the industry. We thoroughly screen all the companies we retail so that they live up to our titanium standards. Titanium nails last a long time, so try to provide an informative buying experience so you purchase a safe nail that will last years.