DoobTube Nugs Love

by Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at on 07/16/2016 - 12:37 am

As an adventuring loving stoner, I love taking my rolls to go. Having a pre-roll tucked away in my pocket or bag is so much nicer (and way easier) than rolling once you’ve reached a spot. The Doobtube is perfect for keeping your joints and blunts safe and fresh. I use it when I only want a few puffs because then I can store my joints without having them smell up my bag. Super perfect for king sized joints (or the occasional half-smoked blunt), just roll up and tuck it away. They come in all different colors to suit all your aesthetic needs~. I got a little pink one to match all my pink stoney accessories!
I used to just insert my joints into an empty cigarette pack and hope they'd be ...

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Popular Water Pipes

by Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at on 06/25/2016 - 07:47 am

Most Popular Bongs, sponsored post by Head Shop Headquarters

Purchasing a bong can be a struggle because there are so many options to choose from. Here we have put together a list of the most popular bongs on the market and why they are so popular.

Grav Labs - 16" Straight Bong with Honeycomb Percolator
Starting off strong with Grav Labs straight tube. Grav labs is the pinnacle of quality glass at affordable prices. Each piece is hand-blown in Austin Texas. This specific bong comes with a constricted ice pinch to cool down the smoke and easy to clean design. The honeycomb percolator is one of the more popular types of percolators on the market because of all the tiny holes produc ...

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Medical Cannabis CBD and Anxiety Trea...

by Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at on 04/22/2016 - 05:54 am

It's not a new theory that marijuana can be used to treat many ailments and diseases, anxiety being chief amongst them.  Marijuana's mellowing effects have long been known in many cultures for centuries.  But what is it about Nugs that allow even the most high strung of us to relax?  Cannabidiol or CBD is the chemical component in marijuana that helps with anxiety specifically. CBD-high strains are also used to help with anti-inflammation, pain, and spasms. The effect of CBD is not that of a "high" - despite being one of 85 natural components of marijuana, it actually makes up to 40% of the plant's extract making it the key component in medical treatment, not THC as many peopl ...

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Cases for Pipes and Bongs

by Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at on 01/29/2016 - 08:53 am

If you’re like me you move around a lot and you’re always on the go. This means that you’re always packing up stuff to move or packing clothes for your next 2 week-long adventure. The only problem that people like us run into is that we have trouble packing our bongs or pipes. Well, have no fear! There are plenty of cases that will keep your pieces safe along your journey.
Vatra Tube Style Bag
Vatra is great! They have bags, cases, hard cases, vape cases and more. I personally own a Tube Style bag and I love it. All of Vatra’s cases have extra padding to ensure that your bong or pipe travels safely.
The Tube Style bag is fantastic. It has two layers of pad ...

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