Medical Cannabis CBD and Anxiety Treatment

by Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at on 04/22/2016 - 05:54 am

Anxiety CBD

It's not a new theory that marijuana can be used to treat many ailments and diseases, anxiety being chief amongst them.  Marijuana's mellowing effects have long been known in many cultures for centuries.  But what is it about Nugs that allow even the most high strung of us to relax?  Cannabidiol or CBD is the chemical component in marijuana that helps with anxiety specifically. CBD-high strains are also used to help with anti-inflammation, pain, and spasms. The effect of CBD is not that of a "high" - despite being one of 85 natural components of marijuana, it actually makes up to 40% of the plant's extract making it the key component in medical treatment, not THC as many people think.  The effect is non-psychoactive to put it scientifically, making CBD high strains great for medical purposes but disappointing to the recreational user.  So, when you're friend says I smoke marijuana for anxiety, they're not always getting as "high" as you think. 
The following is a list of different strains known to be high in CBD in alphabetical order according to genotype. Sativas: CBD Mango Haze, Charlotte's Web, Dance World, Harlequin, Hawaiian Dream, Island Sweet Skunk, Jamaican Lion, Johnny's Tonic, MediHaze, Rafael,and Swiss Gold.  Hybrids: ACDC, Avi, Avi-Dekel, Blueberry Essence, Canna-Tsu, Cannatonic, Diesel-tonic, Gi001, Harle-Tsu, Maui-Bubble Gift, Midnight, Nebula II CBD, OG Ringo, One to One, Purple Cheese, Ringo's Gift, Sour Tsunami, Trident, Valentine X, VCDC, Warlock and Zen. Indicas: Afghani CBD, CBD Shark, Critical Mass, Dark Star, Devil Fruit, Digweed, Haoma, pennywise, Remedy, Stephen Hawking Kush, Sweet and Sour Widow and Violator Kush.  
Go pick up one of these Cannabidiol high strains and relax.