Mass Confusion Cannabis

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Mass Confusion Marijuana

This election cycle has yielded two amazing victories to allow voters to decide on the issue of legalized recreational cannabis in Colorado, and Washington. Yet since information and opinions in light of the move have been coming out both for and against cannabis both here at home and incredibly right after the news of the victory opinion was ignited worldwide. Threats from federal officials that even if states vote to make it legal that it will still be illegal under federal law and what that entails. Recently in a third party candidates debate three of the four participants voiced their opinion that cannabis should be legalized. And in the past weeks and even today I have seen information that for example evidence is showing that cannabis may have a greater use as medicine than what was imagined that cannabis may have properties which can halt the spread of cancer that according to an article on the Huffington post that two researchers have found that CBD or cannabidiol could help stop a gene known as ID-1 that makes cancer spread and that they have seen in their lab as well is as in animal testing. That they want to begin with trials, and that cannabidiol has the potential to do the same thing in very aggressive forms of cancer and that could lead to a major decrease in fatality related to cancer. As well according to an article from by Tony O’Neill titled “Why was a ‘pot doesn’t cause cancer study ignored?’”. The researcher in trying to show that long term cannabis use leads to lung cancer; that the study in fact showed the opposite. He found that in fact cannabis has properties which actually may mitigate lung cancer even in people who smoke tobacco. While at the same time in an article by medical news today claims that an Australian study which will be published in May shows that prolonged cannabis use is linked to psychosis.


What I am trying to get at and the point of the article is not these studies. This article is about Mass Confusion. I have been noticing it all last year and up till now even after these very clear votes so far. That the crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries that is occurring just this week a man was sentenced to 10 years for “conspiring to grow cannabis”  that every patient who grows or person involved in plying dispensaries with medicine they will need for their patients that they all “conspire to grow cannabis”. That despite the wild sway again towards a more level headed approach to cannabis one that does not include the things the government does today regarding cannabis. That shift which I have written about before is a paramount reason for all this Mass Confusion with flurries of information as well flurries of rumor and speculation such as days after the reality of the victories in Colorado became apparent while everyone was making juvenile pot jokes on late night people were contemplating how exactly the administration would stomp out this advance. You might not think that this kind of information isn’t uncommon, but for example in the article by Tony O’Neill he enlightens us that the research done by Donald Tashkin, professor of pulmonology at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine had been done and conclusions found in 2005. Now that was awhile ago, and yet we only here about this now. This is of course due to who funded and allowed the study the National institute for drug abuse which as I have written before has admitted they not only don’t fund nor allow, nor allow the nations cannabis crop to be used for any study which may find medicinal benefits of cannabis only studies which would show harm. And in fact NIDA approved the study in the hopes that it would once and for all show the connection between cannabis use and getting lung cancer. Now while the study showed the opposite this is why it hasn’t been heard about.


So this brings me to the other study and why it is part of the discussion. That it has been known for awhile that there is a certain correlation between individuals who for some reason are predisposed to schizophrenia. Those persons who have this predisposition if they consume cannabis that cannabis may heighten the latent tendencies toward schizophrenia. With that said the point of this study was to show that with “teens” that begin to use cannabis at around fifteen will develop psychosis after 6 years or more of consuming cannabis. But that is the push not the study or what it entails, but on whom the results affect. This study directly looked at teenagers. Now since the beginning of prohibition and even to this day children are the primary excuses for there being a prohibition on cannabis. Not too mention that the way it is setup for teenagers who consume cannabis and are caught and convicted for drug possession are already at a terrible disadvantage when it comes to getting work or living because that conviction which may have been for as little as a joint will haunt that young person for their entire lives. So while the harms of prohibitionist policies which affect African Americans to a greater extent than Caucasians in the United States is used as some have intimated as a means for filling private prisons. So what are they really after because it isn’t the welfare of our children? They propagate a drug war which has fueled violence in this country and to a higher degree Mexico. During the campaign for prop 19 which would have legalized recreational cannabis use in California I distinctly remember an advertisement which said clearly “Prop 19 is your children’s education worth it?” as aside from the fact that in California the ballot contained two measures to increase taxes to fund schools in California had Prop 19 passed then money generated from cannabis could have avoided the need for tax hikes to fund education and may have provided an influx of funds to give the children the education they deserve.


This is the kind of Mass Confusion going on this very day. Late night talk show hosts as well as all kinds of media are perpetuating the stereotype of the typical stoner. These inferences enter people’s minds and it only goes to further one thing. That people who may have in the past few years been apart of the change of heart the country has seen which has brought cannabis approval over the fifty percent threshold that juvenile jokes about grandma getting stoned for glaucoma or stoned teens sitting on a couch are meant to get people to stop and reconsider; reconsider what exactly is the truth activists have been telling for years even decades but they reconsider these ideas with ingrained misinformation and notions which leads to people forming opinions based on lies fabrications and falsities. We can recognize that to try and form an opinion responsibly with bad information will lead to people making opinions that from the outset will be faulty those faults will manifest in our lives, and that manifestation is manufactured and perpetuated so the laymen cannot form any real opinion unless he looks into it himself, but if the policy decisions of our country lie within any majority; that fabrications heaped onto people while contradictory information is hidden leads to people really only being able to make a certain kind of decision if news of a great medical breakthrough regarding cannabis is drowned out by recent figures of the possibilities that teens may go insane. Now if these occur all the time more frequently as the wave of approval moves on and  approaches; as all over the internet people who in our world today that is characterized by an always on the go population; these fabrications will seep into peoples minds and have them question their own opinions.

But what I mean by Mass Confusion is that in a recent piece on 60 Minutes where they reported on the medicinal cannabis apparatus in Colorado. Now indicators showed a strong support for the legalization initiative in Colorado; that the piece on 60 Minutes did a good job of characterizing the situation and problem showed the cannabis apparatus in Colorado in a very good light. Meanwhile in California the U.S. attorneys who are trying to prosecute dispensary operators in that state would have you believe every single person involved with medicinal cannabis in California are merely criminals. Now with support for legalizing coming largely from young people who turn out to the polls simply just to vote for these kinds of initiatives Mass Confusion is needed. Cannabis medical or otherwise was absent from the mainstream presidential debates. Why?


I can only surmise that because of Obama’s horrible track record with cannabis supporters that though he still needed them he also was not going to change his position on cannabis medical or otherwise. That if the young people really knew and understood that the president does not seem to think changing this policy is any priority or that he clearly has the authority to end all of this easily by directing the DEA to reschedule it. Governors’ have written to the President and asked and have been largely ignored.


Now it is important to remember that as Election Day has passed ever nearer there may be more confusing news as to cannabis as medicine, cannabis as tax revenue generator. I caution all those in the medicinal and legalization communities to not be fooled. As this is the image that has been delivered to the public that pictures of Obama smoking joints and stories about his wild college days when he would be getting baked all the time. Those images of Obama smoking cannabis is what those young people will remember not any of his statements or his formal memo that has been disregarded yet constantly heralded somehow. That Obama reiterated in interview with Barbara Walters after remaining silent on these issues in the ensuing months after the vote his attorney general announces at a press conference that they will make their announcement very soon. Or that While Obama doesn’t think individual users shouldn’t be a priority the big fish he has got to fry is the priority. That is so vague an ambiguous because he told us once “I will not prioritize prosecuting patients in states that have legalized it” but he will do everything to prosecute the community of people that provide for those patients and granted people who operate for profit dispensaries in a capacity that could inevitably harm patients with price gouges and other such activities merely for profit doesn’t fit with what prop 215 allows, but to assume that because a dispensary that for all intensive purposes operates as a not for profit operation that just because they produce much profit is not the fault of the operator merely the phenomena of economics that dispensary operators should be jailed because the public’s seeming appetite for cannabis in various forms is so overwhelming that it turns operations that must be not for profit to take in lots of profit. I think that is the point that those individuals by providing the service of furnishing patients with easy safe convenient access to their medicine that if profit is the outcome shouldn’t that be the reward those dispensary operators should reap in some small way for providing service. That if that profit drives individuals to make it easy for patients some of whom battle very serious ailments that they and their organization does a good job is reflected in all the profits they make. Now if we imagine that all this overwhelming profit is put directly into the operation to further make it easy for patients such as using the profit to purchase supply in a fashion whereby they can lower prices on the medicine for the patients and at the same time not need to worry about how they can continue if they don’t bring in enough to operate. Greed and opportunity, And I have heard expressions from patients who do feel as though sometimes they are being gouged. But the point being how by talking about the profit of the dispensaries we may forget they are providing medicine to people. So as long as that is what they are doing serving those people why should anyone be concerned that they are making lots of profit if it all goes towards the benefit of the patients how can any of that be a “criminal enterprise and conspiracy to grow cannabis” granted unless they are in fact involved in shady dealings but that is a fact of life seen throughout the world and history so to say none of that would ever occur is foolish. But to take the U.S. attorney’s position and that every last one is merely a criminal enterprise is blatantly wrong and highlights priorities. To shut it down while it may never be said it is intensely intimated by their actions. That even with the success last year of squashing the L.A. city council’s “gentle ban” that this March when L.A. residents vote for a new mayor they will also be voting on whether to have the “gentle ban” restricting  the number of allowed dispensaries to 100. Now they tried to and passed a gentle ban and so swiftly were signatures collected that stopped it yet the very next year not even many months later are they trying to do the same exact thing. The priority is clear, to clamp down and eliminate. So again Mass confusion we stopped the “Gentle Ban”, but we didn’t it still might be voted for if the right interests back it and then it is the will of the voters that will be the excuse to shut up shops. And again not one mention of any kind of compromise just shut em down they is illegal that’s that always.


My greatest fear is that with all kinds of Mass Confusion: is cannabis medicine? Is it harmful? Is it a cancer cure? Or is it a one way ticket to schizophrenia? That these confusing tactics which would have politicians skillfully presented as a pro pot dude or guys who are coming around would be the ones who see this dawn of legalized recreational use the same person will be the one to crush the law. That since Obama has been reelected it will be up to him to either squelch the law and the movement behind it, or to perhaps go in the opposite direction, but that is what is so confusing about all this. Is that the administration except for a few select sound bytes has remained completely silent. 


The 3rd party candidate’s debates last year I think really shows just what the countries views regarding cannabis are. Of the four contestants 3 agreed that cannabis should be legal and they also mentioned Hemp and that Hemp should be made legal. Jill Stein of the green party was adamant about Hemp. Gary Johnson candidate for the libertarian party has said for a long time his view that cannabis prohibition should end. And one simply and I like that he did it clearly exclaimed his view that he wouldn’t legalize cannabis yet he was simple and concise no confusion necessary. Yet when it comes to the  “mainstream” confusion abound.



By Theodore Hartman