How To Make a Banana Pipe

by Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at on 02/18/2015 - 07:16 am

Banana Pipe DIY Tutorial

Ever been stuck with some fine herbs but no piece to smoke them with? Or maybe you're just looking for a fun DIY project? Well look no further, because in this How-To Series, I will be informing you on how to make some perfectly smokeable pieces out of some slightly unorthodox objects.

Today's tutorial will be: The Banana Bowl

Materials needed:

1 banana

1 knife

1 spoon

1 small square of tin foil (about 3in x 3in)

1 straw, or other small, cylindrical object

and (optional, but recommended) a little bit of scotch tape.

First, you need to get a banana. Lay it on your table or work surface and get your knife. For the top, where the “bowl” will be, you’ll want to slice off the stem about 2 inches down the banana to create a nice flat surface. Use your spoon to scoop out the flat area you just cut to make a nice bowl. Now, at the bottom of the banana, cut off just enough from the bottom so that hit the actual fruit. you don’t want to waste space.

Now we need to make it so you can inhale. This is where it gets tricky (kind of). Take your straw, pencil, whatever device you choose. Now stick it in the top where you just cut and slowly (and carefully) push it through until you reach the bottom part which you just cut. Once you get the item poking out the other end, pull it all the way through to complete the channel.

Lastly, we need our tin foil. Place the tinfoil into the bowl part on the top and push it down so you have a nice place to pack your buds. Then take your knife (or pencil, any poking device) and make some tiny tiny holes so you can pull air through. Then, if you would like to, use your scotch tape to hold the tinfoil in place. keep the tape away from where you’ll be lighting! you wanna make sure the tape is further down the banana. Then, pack your bowl and smoke away!