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Blaze ‘N’ Glory Festival with Slightl...

by Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at on 04/30/2015 - 04:37 am

The Blaze n Glory festival is on the way!! This May 15-May 17th music and mary jane lovers will be gathering in San Bernadino for an all weekend fiasco. The San Manuel Amphitheater will be holding this “treevent” on the fairgrounds. The location will be surrounded by a mountain setting in the great outdoors. You will also find carnival rides, a vendor village and a kush vip area. It really does sound like my kind of reefer resort for a weekend.
The list of sponsors for this event are also a group of very reputable names in the industry. PATS' Legacy,Weedmaps,and Cheeba Chews just to name a few of the names involved in supporting it.
This is actually the first Blaze and Glory fe ...

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Blazin’ Artists #1 : Adam Roth

by Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at on 04/22/2013 - 09:10 pm

Blazin’ Artists #1:  ADAM ROTH
By Daniel Rolnik
When you mix together the right amount of 80’s action figure knowledge and a talent for drawing, you get an Adam Roth . He’s an LA-based artist currently creating a series of science fiction adventures, featuring loose narratives like you would create in your head as a child while playing with your favorite toys.
His mental catalog of every designer, manufacturer and story behind the action figures made in the late 80s and early 90s puts the Travel Chanel’s toy hunter to shame. Plus, he owns most of the good ones. I know because I helped him move once and nearly pulled my back lifting the endless array of ca ...

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