Glass Bongs

by Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at on 09/05/2016 - 06:28 am

Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are often the main preference for a seasoned or beginner nugs smoker. There are many reasons why they are the preferred alternative to the other materials for sale, and how they offer a more unique bong smoking experience than any other material can.


One of the main positives of using a glass bong is that they offer a much cooler and smoother hit. This is due to the glass acting as a coolant to the water and the smoke when it passes through. Other materials such as plastic or ceramic would not have the same effect as this. There can sometimes be a nasty aftertaste after using one of these products. The glass bong is also a great way to smoke your herb as it will reduce the temperature of your smoke.


Another positive factor of smoking through a glass pipe is it is easier to spot when you need to clean your bong. If you have another material which is not transparent, it is hard to notice when the resin build up on your bong can no longer be ignored! Glass is great as you can clean it before it gets too bad to clean.


Also, there are more accessories made of glass that you can add to your bong. You don’t see any plastic bowls or diffusers around. If you purchase a glass bong this means you are giving yourself way more alternatives to add and to enhance the smoking experience. You could even take bits off the older pipe and add it to your new one!


Glass water pipes also feel more secure and stable. Although plastic are perhaps more durable, the glass versions feels way more substantial and there isn’t a possibility It could melt like a plastic one. Glass can also be made into nicer designs unlike other materials.


Compared to other materials, most smokers usually find that the glass smells less than any others. When you have had some water sat in it for a while, this can have a lasting effect on plastic bongs for example, and the smell will linger even after a good clean as it soaks into the material! With glass, you are less likely to get any resin sticking to the sides and to the water line, therefore less of a smell. You can view all types of bongs for sale over at the popular Herb Tools.