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Thurlow Weed

With election season upon us again, cannabis advocate Thurlow Weed continues his tireless efforts to educate the public, and hopefully motivate our elected officials for real change. Kicking off at the Seattle Hempfest on August 17, 2012, Mr. Weed will take his Wake and Bake radio show back on the road for the 2012 No Excuses Cannabis Education Signature Drive. Partnering with Thurlow to form a caravan will be the Nomadic Moms for Marijuana. Since completing a multi-state tour, broadcasting from numerous MMJ events, gatherings, and establishments, plans were hatched for this latest venture.


Winding up in D.C. at election time, Thurlow is touring all 48 contiguous states collecting signatures for cannabis legalization. What makes this unique is that people will be signing a vehicle. No paper trail or internet involved. The goal is to set two new Guinness Book records for the most signatures on a vehicle, and the most pro cannabis names collected. Invitations are extended to caravan and while there may not be psychedelically painted buses on this journey (but who knows), there are shades of Ken Kesey and the merry pranksters.


In addition to the Wake and Bake radio broadcasts, No Excuses Entertainment will be streaming a live feed of the journey. That’s right, live streaming HD video will be available real time or in archive format. Check for updates. Both mediums will contain interviews with those struggling for the cause, news from the frontlines, as well as highlights from the road. 


Slated to be the radio voice of the Weed Not Greed Tour, a recent delay (new launch date 4-20-13) cleared his schedule for this latest endeavor. Realizing that politicians are typically responsive when the electorate unifies, the plan is to park the vehicle in D.C. on November 7th, the day after the elections. With newly elected officials joining the ranks with returning candidates, the hope is that a van covered in names supporting cannabis reform will generate positive publicity, and help force the conversation forward. If lobbyists effectively spend excessive dollars to achieve their goals, perhaps a monumental number of signatures requesting cannabis legalization could finally clear the hurdle.


This is a community project folks, and donations are vital to help mobilize the effort. We need to fight together to cause social change. Anyone concerned about legalizing hemp and cannabis should get involved.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated and no amount is too small. Help support grass root efforts to free the grass. Visit the donations home page to help. Interested, but perhaps no money to spare? Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks. If you want the caravan to visit your town, and could help organize locally, please email Business partners are also being sought, with advertising and sponsorship opportunities available. Live internet stream and radio spots are being filled right now, get on board to reach an emerging market segment, and participate in history. Potential partners should call 720-440-2902 or email


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