Blazin’ Artists #1 : Adam Roth

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Blazin’ Artists #1:  ADAM ROTH

By Daniel Rolnik

When you mix together the right amount of 80’s action figure knowledge and a talent for drawing, you get an Adam Roth . He’s an LA-based artist currently creating a series of science fiction adventures, featuring loose narratives like you would create in your head as a child while playing with your favorite toys.

His mental catalog of every designer, manufacturer and story behind the action figures made in the late 80s and early 90s puts the Travel Chanel’s toy hunter to shame. Plus, he owns most of the good ones. I know because I helped him move once and nearly pulled my back lifting the endless array of carefully organized boxes of figurines.

Adam uses his collection of plastic heroes and villains like a painter uses oranges and hares for a still life. Oftentimes, mashing up the body of one muscled toy with the head of another. It’s a strategy that pulls the viewer into something that seems familiar, but is quite original. Recently, he’s even been on a binge of incorporating traditional elements of African art into his modern illustrations. Transferring ancient mysticism into each character alongside their contemporary references.

If you live in Los Angeles, you can get the first glimpse of his new series at The Hive Gallery on May 4th, 2013 from 8pm-11pm. If you’ve never been to an art opening before, it’s a really fun event that’s open to the public. You show up and get to hang around creative individuals who appreciate good aesthetics.

Favorite Strain: Lamb’s Bread

Explanation: “It’s hard to find, but it was Bob Marley’s choice sativa.”



Amanda Tijerina

Amanda Tijerina - 11/28/2013 - 07:59 am

The secret to our society: pot has inspired the greatest artists of all types. From musicians to great thinkers to the more accepted forms of art like painting, weed has been mans helper for thousands of years. For those who already have the gift of artistic ability, pot is the key to the ignition of the imagination. The endless opportunities that emerge when artistic talent and pot are combined will continue to drive art, even if the general public is ignorant to the truth. Pot will always inspire creative thought and that is the basis of all art.