What is a Nectar Collector?

by Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at Nugs.com on 07/12/2017 - 10:28 pm

Nectar collectors are the ultimate one hitter for dabs. They consist of three main components: the tip, body and mouthpiece. The tip is made of glass, titanium or quartz, and is the only part of the collector that comes in direct contact with your concentrate. The mouthpiece is a removable glass extension much like the end of a chillum. The body of the collector may be a straight glass tube, or it may have a chamber with a percolator or diffuser in it.
The advantage over a dab rig is that nectar collectors are extremely efficient. Using a nectar collector is like sucking water through a straw. You only smoke what the tip comes in contact with, so there is little to no waste of your wax or o ...

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HAPPY DAB DAY! 7/10/17

by Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at Nugs.com on 07/06/2017 - 10:15 pm

Let’s be honest, there’s always going to be a hazy cloud of mystery surrounding the origins of “Stoner Holidaze”. Regardless, each year, more and more mainstream media outlets treat their readers to a half-assed article explaining why April 20th is a thing.
Expect the same to happen within the next few years regarding July 10th, also known as “Dab Day”. Dab Day celebrates the art of dabbing, which represents the concentrate side of weed smoking. Concentrates are an umbrella term consisting of byproducts of a vast array of extraction processes. Kief and hash are both terms most casual smokers are familiar with. After that, oil, wax and shatter are the thre ...

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Glass Bongs

by Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at Nugs.com on 09/05/2016 - 06:28 am

Glass bongs are often the main preference for a seasoned or beginner nugs smoker. There are many reasons why they are the preferred alternative to the other materials for sale, and how they offer a more unique bong smoking experience than any other material can.
One of the main positives of using a glass bong is that they offer a much cooler and smoother hit. This is due to the glass acting as a coolant to the water and the smoke when it passes through. Other materials such as plastic or ceramic would not have the same effect as this. There can sometimes be a nasty aftertaste after using one of these products. The glass bong is also a great way to smoke your herb as it will reduce t ...

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DoobTube Nugs Love

by Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at Nugs.com on 07/16/2016 - 12:37 am

As an adventuring loving stoner, I love taking my rolls to go. Having a pre-roll tucked away in my pocket or bag is so much nicer (and way easier) than rolling once you’ve reached a spot. The Doobtube is perfect for keeping your joints and blunts safe and fresh. I use it when I only want a few puffs because then I can store my joints without having them smell up my bag. Super perfect for king sized joints (or the occasional half-smoked blunt), just roll up and tuck it away. They come in all different colors to suit all your aesthetic needs~. I got a little pink one to match all my pink stoney accessories!
I used to just insert my joints into an empty cigarette pack and hope they'd be ...

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