Why We Grow


Published: 10/12/2012

by Omerta


Marijuana Grower

         With the planting of a single seed the whole world changes. How can something so simple add so much complexity to life? Like pure rage emerging from the earth, I am filled with disdain, I am filled with questions. Operating under the pain of regulation could very well be compared to slavery. Sadly emancipation will not arrive like some meteorite traveling at a million miles an hour, slamming into the earth and wiping out every living thing. Freedom can only grow, and so it must be feed, it must be protected from wilting attacks and negative impacts. It needs us and therefore we must need it. Like the orchid relies on a single specific insect to pollinate it, we are the pollinators of liberty and we are very specific to its design. This obligation is not a hobby, it’s not a chore, or some cool vacation down by the beach. It’s something we reflect and as such it reflects us. Like light speed images traveling over a thousand years away blinding us to who we truly are, to what we are. We are the captures leaving the cave for the first time. We are the name the cat will never confess.


     As the cannabis culture grows we see structure start to develop, we hear voices calling out from the deep dark, and we see relentless leaders rising up from the murky waters of adversity. Women and men, ready to face imprisonment, discrimination, and total oppression in order to secure a brighter future for their children. Healthier foods, cleaner products, and a more natural approach to health care should not be taboo. These ideas should be the norm and should extend well beyond cannabis. From hemp houses that will last hundreds of years to industrial lubricants that are actually environmentally friendly. This is not science fiction; these ideas are very real and very easily attainable. If you don’t believe me just ask the head of the U.S Department of Agriculture. He suggest that there is absolutely no reason to “prohibit farmers from diversifying their crop portfolios” and thereby decreasing potential agricultural productivity.  The medical and science communities continue to reveal what many “stoners” already know about cannabis, and  that is not only is cannabis fairly harmless, but that it also has many benefits. The D.E.A and F.D.A continue to swim in their pool of denial and contend that they are protecting the American public by arresting them and denying them their medicine. After all, everyone knows that anything the F.D.A approves is completely safe. For those readers that did not get the sarcasm I recommend you watch the numerous videos posted on the world wide web of high school kids smoking “legal weed” or simply watch network television and see all the recalled drugs and prescription law suit advertisements. The idea that nature can provide a cure should not be denied, but instead should be welcomed. How can a seed be refused access to the world? The answer to that question is simple; it cannot be refused. It must not be refused.


       No matter what your take on cannabis is now I can guarantee that it will change. Just as world evolution continues to ebb and flow so will the seemingly simple idea that a plant can bring nations together and can cure the sick and huddled masses. “The stone that the builder refused will always be the head cornerstone”. These immortal words of the late great Robert Nesta Marley may not simply refer to the denial of his existence by his father’s family, but may enlighten us to the timeless idea that what we are looking for is right under our noses and that what we truly need is exactly what we refuse. Every holy book on earth predicts a time when the world will wrongfully imprison itself, and at a time when cannabis users make up the majority of those arrested I find myself growing more and more spiritual. The human relationship with cannabis is not a farce or fairytale, it’s not some low budget “stoner” movie brought to life, it’s a relationship forged by thousands of years, it’s a relationship wrapped in the very folds of our DNA. Within our cannaboid system we find a demand for cannabis, and like the oak demands the squirrel, cannabis seeks a profound relationship with mankind. This relationship is manifested in the physical appearance of the plant itself. The five fingered leaves of the plant resemble a human hand, and the cannabis plant is known to develop spiral leaves whenever man is close by as if it is trying to communicate with us. Even the smell of the cannabis plant resembles the smell of human body odder. Is it any wonder we are so attracted to this amazing plant? A plant that inspires, a plant that promotes love not war, a plant capable of fueling nations, a plant to put an end to deforestation, a cure, a cause, a culture. Cannabis quietly concurs all industries by simply doing what it was designed to do. Cannabis has no idea that it is illegal; it has no idea that it is growing in the middle of a battlefield and that we are fighting for its freedom to free us from pain, suffrage, and hunger. Cannabis continues to grow as we grow. Our victories and our failures are reflected by the cannabis plant, and I can think of no better mirror for life than the mysterious beauty of cannabis. Eventually the truth about cannabis will be revealed and the world will know that cannabis is indeed the beacon not the rocky shore.    …..Until next time…what makes us so different is what makes us so much alike…