White Widow Strain Review


Published: 09/03/2013

by HillsideHippie


White Widow Nugs

Name of strain: White Widow

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Dispensary Name and Location: Chronorado Medical – Denver, CO.

Genetics/Lineage: Brazil X Unknown Indica – High Times Cannabis Cup Winner, 1995.

Appearance: Medium sized, light green flowers with golden hues and a fair amount of vibrant orange hairs. The perfectly rounded flowers can be given a firm squeeze without crumbling, and easily return to their original form. I would rate these flowers at 7/10 on the density scale, with a nice fluff factor. I prefer buds of this structure the most. The one thing that this particular cut of White Widow seems to be lacking is the white “sheen”, which is usually one of its most notable characteristics.

Appearance under 100 x microscope: The trichomes are mostly cloudy with a small percentage still being clear.

Aroma: When the jar is first opened you are immediately smacked in the face with a very sweet, slightly citrusy aroma. A firm squeeze unleashes a tidal wave of sweet and skunky aromatics that leaves the nostrils begging for more.

Taste on inhalation: White Widow has a mildly sweet and skunky flavor upon inhalation.

Taste on exhalation: The exhale is fairly subtle, although the skunky undertones are still recognizable.

Effects: White Widow is a good relaxation smoke. The initial effects are subtle, but don’t be fooled, give this strain 15 minutes and you will find yourself slowing down and daydreaming off into space. The day’s stress quickly turns into a dense fog, and after twenty minutes, is completely offshore. The next hour was spent in the couchlock position, only to be interrupted by the rumbling of my stomach. After a quick bite to eat it was off to bed for the rest of the evening.

Duration: 1.0-1.5 hours depending on tolerance and dosage.

Medicinal Properties: This strain alleviates stress and anxiety, as well as helps with insomnia. I also found White Widow to be appetite inducing.

Overall: I would rate this batch of White Widow an 8/10 overall. Although it lacked the most notable White Widow characteristic (the sheen), that seems to be the only flaw in an otherwise perfectly grown batch of Widow. The lack of sheen could be just a trait within this particular phenotype. The light green flowers that boast a slightly spongy texture made this a pleasure to squeeze, smell, grind, and roll. I will absolutely be keeping White Widow in my personal stash for a very long time.




Dispensary Location:

Chronorado Medical
6625 Leetsdale Ave.
Denver, CO.