Weed Wipes Resin Remover Review


Published: 07/17/2015

by JT


WeedWipes Review

Weed Wipes Resin Remover Review By JT!!

COMPANY: Weed Wipes

PRODUCT: Weed Wipes Resin Remover & Preventer.

WEBSITE:  www.WeedWipes.com


Hey Nugs.com family,  today I bring you an amazing new product for cleaning your prized possessions and it's made in the good Ole USA!  WEED WIPES!!

Now over the years I have used many glass pipe cleaners but nothing quite like this product.  

Unlike many other cleaners this one is all natural/organic and can be used as a preventive measure to make future bong cleans much easier.

Simply by adding a few drops to your bong water and doing what you do best by smoking your prized glassware the oils in the cleaner will help repel the resin making cleaning a snap.

I personally purchased the cleaning kit for a retail cost of $23.99 and was not disappointed.  This stuff worked as advertised for the most part.

The kit comes with everything you are going need to get the job done. Several different sized scrub brushes as well as 2 containers of the resin remover. The only thing I would suggest adding to the kit would be an eye dropper for easier application of the resin remover.

When I received my Weed Wipes I had to microwave it for about 20 seconds for it to become a liquid as per the instructions.

I put a few drops into my overly nasty dirty bong and added the dish soap as directed and began to scrub.  Within seconds my bong was clean as new and with little effort.

The only thing that was different then the youtube video produced by the company is that my brushes did not come out as clean as Jim's did in the end. Not the end of the world in my eyes anyway but notable just the same.

When I completed cleaning my bong I added a few drops to my bong water and smoked away.  You could instantly see the oils in the water separating the resin. It also made it super fresh to smoke.  No taste to the cleaner at all.

I have also now used this product on my portable vape stems and it worked like a charm on them as well.  

Super easy and mess free which also makes my wife happy as she doesn't have to clean up resin goop out of the sink when I'm done.

In summary this product worked as advertised and I couldn't have been happier with it.

I'd like to thank Weed Wipes for putting out a quality product that is definitely worthy of being..JT APPROVED!!



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