Volcano Vaporizer Review: The Mack Daddy of Vaporizers


Published: 03/06/2013

by Christopher D. Argyropoulos


Volcano Vaporizer Review

The Volcano. The name says it all. Not only is it shaped like one, but it also spews out quality vapor as if it were flaming hot magma. Almost anyone you talk to who was lucky enough to “hit the bag” will surely recommend the device. It is hard to find a review of this product that does not list it as the king of the crop when it comes to vaporizers. I am one of these reviewers.


    The Volcano, by Storz &Bickel, comes in a couple varieties, both of which look similar to a mini oven or some other kitchen appliance. There is the original analog device, as well as the digital version, which is a bit more high tech. To contrast, the analog has a knob with 9 temperature levels, (266, 288, 309, 331, 352, 374, 396, 417, 439), and the digital has a LED screen where you can set the temperature to the exact degree. They both also have a button for air, heat and, of course, a light that turns on and off when it is in the process of heating up. Both products are of high quality and do an amazing job of vaporizing your herbs.

    There is also the question of mouthpieces for the bags you will be filling up when using a Volcano. There is the Solid Valve (the original) and the easy valve, which was created so people would not have to attach the bag to the valve themselves. The solid valve looks sleeker, but it just rests on the Volcano so it can be easily knocked over if it is near a fan for example. The easy valve snaps in place, but is more expensive in the long run to switch them out consistently, but both are good choices.

    I personally have the Digital Volcano with the solid valve. I liked how sleek they both looked as well as having the ability to set the temperature to the exact degree. I like to start at 375F and finish it off at 390F. When pressing the buttons to set the temperature, I can’t help but feel like I’m baking cookies or something, which I usually end up doing as a cause of this.


Using the device is fairly simple. No matter which one you use, all you have to do is plug it in, press the heat button, and set the temperature. Heating takes about 3 minutes depending on your temperature choice. Once it’s ready you connect the valve to the filling chamber full of your ingredients, connect it to the top of the device, and hit the air button. Watching the bag fill up is quite the spectacle. When it’s full you turn the air off and snap on the mouthpiece and you now have a bag you can pass, walk around with, or suck every last bit of vapor out of.


I think it is safe to say that the Volcano vaporizer creates the highest quality vapor. I found out the first day I used mine. You will taste all the hidden aromas and feel all the true effects of the particular herb you choose to vaporize. It is so clean and cool it is almost a soothing feel, especially when you realize how much vapor you are able to blow out. This product is a bit pricey, going for $540 for the original and $670 for the digital, but it is well worth it. The Volcano is a device you can use year after year, not only making it a healthy choice, but also saving herb by not having to use as much to get the full effect. If you are looking for the best of the best and have the money to back it up then I would highly recommend this device, and if you do not have the money, save up because it is well worth it.


The Volcano is available here!