Triple Inline and 8-Arm Tree Perc, Double Chamber Diamond Glass Bong Review


Published: 08/12/2017

by Ryker Hodge-Attili


In my humble opinion, this mouthful of a name (bong too, for that matter) doesn’t do this looker of a pipe justice. I’ve suggested they call it the “Dr. Strangebong,” or “Tsar Bonga,” or perhaps “Mother of All Bongs.” Hopefully they’ll listen to my sage advice.

In the meantime, let’s get down to brass tacks. This baby’s a monster. It’s as simple as that. Standing at an intimidating 19 and a quarter inches, the Triple Inline MOAB (as I’ll call it easier reference) is a heaping monolith of glass and raw style. 3 pounds of glass bristling with the most intense percolation you can get out of a bong this size. The pipe stands on a huge plate of glass to keep its top-heavy form stable, and broadens out into a thick cylindrical water chamber. From the bowl, your smoke bubbles through a wicked triple inline fork, and rises up to engage the second perc, an equally heavy duty 8-arm tree. It’s topped off by a splashguard dome and ice pinch, thus encapsulating the whole spectrum of essential bong features for the savvy smoker.

But how does it smoke?

Like a glassen dream. A gnarly dream, at that. This is no bong for beginner smokers, though, so don’t let my words lull you into a sense of security. Between the two huge percs, convenient splashguard to keep your lips dry, and room for four inches of ice above the pinch for an added crisp finish, this MOAB delivers smooth, great hits. But dang, they’re HUGE hits. You don’t want to be the unprepared rookie sputtering smoke from your lips, but if you’re a regular smoker searching for your next massive hit, keep your eyes on this one. The mouthpiece is gigantic, leaving no impediments to a huge breath of finely filtered smoke. I heartily recommend it, but be sure you know what you’re getting into with this piece. It’s a handful, in more ways than one.

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