The Stego Bong by Aqua Works Glass


Published: 11/08/2017

by Spencer Grey


Here at Smoking Outlet, we’re stoked to introduce our newest line of pipes: Aqua Works Glass. This company has been making strides in the glass industry for over 20 years, and when we saw the new pieces they’re putting out, we just knew we had to become an authorized dealer!

The piece we’re going to check out today is a perfect example of Aqua Works’ ingenuity and expertise. It’s called the Stego Bong, and it’s got a host of features you don’t normally see in water pipes. The first thing you’ll notice is the matching bowl piece and percolator with a cross-swirled black and white design, since you’ve probably never seen anything like it before. We certainly haven’t, and we love the added filtration functionality of the drum-shaped perc—which is a larger and more stylish riff off the classic showerhead perc.

Offsetting the bowl and perc are four marbles emerging from the back of the bong. Aside from offering something really cool to look through during and after your smoke sesh, they actually contribute to the supreme ergonomic qualities of this piece. Between the marbles there’s a space that’s just right for your hand, and the gentle curvature of the chamber combined with the placing of the intake make this bong a pleasure to hold.

And thanks to that drum perc, it smokes nice and smooth as well. The smoke will travel down the subtly curved intake and bubble up through the drum perc into the 6.75-inch chamber, where it will bloom up through the ringed neck and amply-sized mouthpiece. If concentrates are more your speed, this pipe can also do double duty as a dab rig!       

This particular version of the piece has neon green accents that are subtly worked into the glass with impressive sophistication. The accents are nicely balanced and spaced in such a way that they don’t overwhelm the eye, but here’s the kicker: they’re UV reactive! Lower the lights and point a blacklight at this baby, and the neon green and purple will make it seem like you have a whole different piece in front of you.

If smoking in the dark isn’t your thing, the rest of the Stego line offers the same delightful functionality in a range of other colors. Check out our full collection of Aqua Works Glass to see some of the other awesome pieces they have in store.