“The Saturn Rig” by Diamond Glass


Published: 11/11/2017

by Stefin Bradbury


She may not be as big as the sixth stone from the sun, but you’ll be feeling like one of Saturn’s many moons after you exhale your legal concentrate. This dab rig is simplicity in its simplest form: a small globe makes up this single chamber water pipe made from clear borosilicate glass with a single diffuser downstem. The Saturn Rig by Diamond Glass comes in different color accents; mine has yellow-gold on the base, the bottom of the downstem, and on the mouthpiece of the 45-degree sidecar as well as on the tip of the vapor dome. The Diamond Glass logo is emblazoned on the chamber in gold. Written on the top of the sidecar stem in gold lettering is “Diamond Glass.”

Classy and simple.

Don’t let the size of this little rig fool you. I got massive lung coverage with my legal concentrate and my dabs have never tasted better. Dab after dab went down easy and super tasty. Though this water pipe can be used for dry herb with the right accessories, the nail and vapor dome that comes with this piece from SmokingOutlet.net performed perfectly. And why not. This is a dab rig, made for that legal concentrate that’s got your name on it. The Saturn Rig by Diamond Glass feels lighter than space but as solid and sturdy as the moon Titan, and after three dabs I was traveling the rings of Saturn looking for the god of agriculture to bring me back to Earth.

But alas, I’ll keep floating through space.

Dab up.