The Knights of Templar : Strain Review


Published: 03/22/2012

by Oldgrowerdude


The Knights of Templar Strain Review

Strain Review: The Knights of Templar


By Oldgrowerdude


Type: Indica/Kush Hybrid


Genetics: ChemDawg #8 x Kings Kush #18


THC Level: High


Health Benefits:   Good for pain relief, relaxation, relieves stress and anxiety.




I had the pleasure of trying this strain for the last few weeks. I purchased it from a local dispensary and all I can say is this is one of the best Kushes that I have ever smoked. that is OG #18 crosses!


Looks: Very fuzzy with loads of resin... 


Smell: Pungent


Taste: A true old school skunk taste but with more than a hint of OG kush. 


Buzz: Very strong rush from the first hit on... I am amazed with the small about of the herb to get really stoned from it. That is the one reason we keep buying it as our main smoke while testing other strains in the area.  It is the best strain by far that we have gotten from a dispensary.   


Smokeability: As with all dank herb, you will cough, but is manageable by the size of piece of bud....POWERFUL


Rating: 9