The DoubleShow : Part 2 of President Obama DoubleSpeak


Published: 08/07/2012

by Theodore Hartman


President Obama DoubleSpeak

The DoubleShow definition: The DoubleShow is what I’m terming the ongoing debacle of confusing American voters as too the President’s position on cannabis as well it can be used interchangeably with any issue the President wants his supporters and voters to think he supports.


On the seventh of May I wrote what will be the first part in what I’m supposing will be an ongoing show (and that is what it is) of doublespeak as the President seeks reelection. Since writing that article I have been watching keenly as to the moves that would be made following that article. What I have seen warrants a second part to Presidential doublespeak and so I will continue and it will be know as the DoubleShow.


You may be wondering what else could I outline as part of a mass deliberate attempt at mass confusion. Well I would relate as too some of the developments that have occurred since. Firstly at the end of Presidential doublespeak I mentioned a possible move that could be made following the presidents Excalibur use of doublespeak, that with the majority convinced this president would never ever make any headway towards legalization I postulated that in his bid for reelection we may see a complete reversal in rhetoric and that the president may announce an end to the crackdown with further promises to urge congress to make progress towards responsible legalization thereby igniting a mass furor of support from the cannabis community for his reelection bid. Well just as I closed that article postulating on such a move and would people be fooled by it.


Too my surprise on June 13th 2012 in an article by Elspeth Reeve from the entitled “Is legalizing weed Obama’s secret weapon?” In the article Mr. Reeve expertly points out that most young voters who tend to vote democratic may be brought out to the polls in certain states where cannabis initiatives will be on the ballot, and that if in an October surprise scenario where Obama right before the election were too come out publicly with his support for such measures and initiatives that such a move will immediately win the hearts and minds of young voters and old voters alike who would like to see a change in the county’s prohibition of cannabis. Now with the approval rating for cannabis at an all time high and the first time approval has gone over 50% and that figure is only rising that with such an October surprise or at another opportunity he sees fit he’ll throw his support for cannabis thereby allowing him to pick up the support, and as we see initiatives passed so too would the president garner tons of votes. The real question is different I anticipated that some kind of move would come because there is a very good example in the country’s immigration debate (I know it isn’t related to this specific subject) but a few days ago the President made an announcement that he would stop deportations for young people brought here involuntarily should they meet certain conditions. Now many people remarked following the announcement that the move didn’t go far enough and that it was a poor attempt to corral votes from the Hispanic voting block, also that the move was needed because the President couldn’t make very much progress on the immigration front during his first term. So with that being said the President in realizing that by not, or by not being able to or was not able to fulfill a promise he made to Hispanic voters who wished to see a change in immigration policy. This is the key because in 2008 when running for president Obama made all kinds of promises that he hasn’t kept. I could name a ton, but for the sake of argument I’ll point to the promise he made to let states handle their medicinal cannabis in their states free from federal imposition. So you should be able to start gleaning what is going on. For this president’s first term he disregarded calls to end wars, and in fact increased our military involvement around the world, but as the chickens come home to roost we see a president who is carefully calculating how exactly to go about deceiving those same people who supported him in 2008 who are unhappy at the job he has done and how to get them back on his side.


This is the essence of the DoubleShow. The DoubleShow is a spectacle unlike any other where voters are lied to continually yet they will remain avid supporters if the right promises are made at the right time. At this point in this show that is exactly what the president is banking on. That he’ll be able to begin making promises that he may or may not keep, but that is not the point the point of promises in the DoubleShow are not promises whether or not he’ll keep them more a question of if he will lie to voters about this again, how disastrous and ferocious could the federal crackdown get if we are fooled again. We have already seen the first episode in the show and for the president to give up a small lie about respecting states rights and then to come upon us with the crackdown it’s size and scale; I shudder at the thought about how catastrophic it could get for the medicinal and legalization community if we are fooled with a whopper of a lie such as legalizing cannabis. Don’t mistake me I welcome news like that as I would welcome a sunny day. Yet the fact remains that he has lied once, we have seen him using some of the most pernicious political moves, and if he isn’t forthcoming when or if he’ll announce a shift in rhetoric and policy that we could be setting ourselves up for a major letdown or even worse even harsher crackdown efforts (if they could become even harsher). There is also something the medicinal cannabis as well as the legalization movement should be concerned with, and that is a genuine response because we may have more to fear from a genuine president. What I mean is that if the president goes full legalization on us what we might end up with is not something any of us would wish for.


One of the major problems affecting medicinal cannabis and the legalization movement is the efforts the government has made with language to halt our progress, so California voters pass a law but because of some odd language like the commerce clause and how it is interpreted and an utter lack of respect to the tenth amendment we see legal medical cannabis in California yet we must deal with an unrelenting destruction of the apparatus of medical cannabis in California. The scariest scenario for us comes from this problem. When I traveled to Germany when I was a little younger I asked the young people in Germany about what are the laws concerning cannabis in Germany they all related that smoking cannabis isn’t illegal, but if you grow it, possess it, transport, or distribute it; that those activities are illegal. This is what I think we should fear most because we could have super genuine Obama hocking that same kind of legislation here. So the move the President could make would be one of literally pushing a bill which would enact the same kinds of things here. So we would see Obama preening to a crowd of the cannabis supporters telling them ‘if I’m reelected I urge congress to pass this bill and we’ll end the needless arrests and have legal cannabis in the United States’, but what he won’t mention to those unsuspecting supporters is that to keep enforcing the status quo of the private prison system young and old alike will continue to be swept up into prison for cultivation distribution or transporting. So Cannabis for all intensive purposes would be legal, but no one or nothing can get their hands on it. This I feel is the case and the worst possible scenario to find ourselves in. It is my feeling that we can’t trust politicians in Washington to give up to the American people a real and responsible bill for legalization.


While some have said legalizing would be as easy as rescheduling I feel as though if we are ever going to get any kind of legalization or decriminalization from the federal government it will be done with such vague language that federal prosecutors would have no trouble at all putting anyone sick or healthy young or old in prison simply by the vagueness of the language of the bill they pass. Also if the president starts peddling legalization for support from the cannabis community I assure you that while we hear Obama chant ‘free the weed’ his efforts will in no way address hemp or allowing for the industrial production of it. And if you are of the opinion that once they legalize cannabis hemp will be legal by default remember if they try to peddle some vague bill chances are after it is enacted American farmers still won’t have the freedom to grow hemp. Remember there are entrenched interests who would see that hemp not be utilized whatsoever. From cotton producers and the lumber industry who don’t want competition as well as chemical companies and possibly even energy companies.


We must be careful while we watch this DoubleShow because while the rumors are beginning to spread because the presidents campaign realizes it must tread lightly with cannabis supporters as we already feel let down and attacked due to the crackdown that in this DoubleShow it will begin with rumor which will fuel speculation which will wet activist appetite which will unknowingly put them right in their hands. The cannabis community for a long time has been one that can’t make much progress because of divisions within our own community, by that I mean we hear cannabis supporters are pro democrat yet the fight over states rights in regards to cannabis has some republicans providing an ideological backdrop for why states should be able to legalize cannabis without interference of big government. We see independents and libertarians giving sound practical arguments within the microcosm that is the medicinal and legalization community we see all political stripes. So be assured that certain moves are coming and with a discerning eye process these moves and if they are really what we want because in the heated hunt for support from blocks of voters we could see all kinds of doublespeak, lies, and deceit on a grand scale for the players there is much at risk, and my greatest fear is that with continued pressure from the federal crackdown we might be so downtrodden come around election time that when we hear Obama making very eloquent speeches about legalization that being tired of being cracked down upon that we will reach and grasp for whichever lie sounds best. Be weary for the most spectacular moves in the DoubleShow have yet to be seen. My only hope is that we will be wise enough to look at the DoubleShow and realize only “We” will be able to get cannabis legalized and “We” shouldn’t trust the task to one man. Obama is one of the most ambitious Presidents we have ever had. I just fear his ambition would drive him to put on quite a performance in this Double Show. 


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