The Classic Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs


Published: 10/06/2017

by Les Cho


You’ll find all the best features of the indispensable spoon pipe with a bit of a modern polish in this piece by Grav Labs. The borosilicate glass is blown a little thicker than most pipes of this size giving it a solid feel while not making it feel heavy. It has a nice deep bowl, big enough for a sesh with your buds or enough to last while you are out and about. Instead of a perfectly round bowl you’ll find a small flat indent at the bottom that keeps your pipe nice and level. If you’re like me and always forget to bring screens or they fall out, well that’s not a problem because of the inverted ashcatcher mouthpiece that’ll keep those scooby snacks out of your mouth.

Due to it’s popularity, Grav Labs has been adding more options beyond the regular and frosted finishes. The first of the newest iterations is Bubble Trap, which takes two layers of glass, one colored and the other clear, and traps bubbles in between them to create a unique pattern. The Donut spoon version adds a donut mouthpiece that is not only a ashcatcher and pendant hole, but offers a bit of a cooling effect due to the longer airflow path. The Wig Wag spoon takes four different colors of glass and layers them into a swirl, just imagine a half eaten jawbreaker and you’ll see why this one is so hard to find. Last but not least you’ll find the Fritted Spoon, which is my personal favorite. The marbleized effect is created by sandwiching broken pieces of glass between two layers of clear glass.

When you’re out and about it’s hard to carry your favorite bong, so this is where this pipe shines. Pipes will always be a bit harsher than a bong, but thanks to the amazing airflow, every hit is thick and cool. This is one of my favorite hand pipes and will be a great piece for anyone looking for their first spoon pipe, or someone looking to add to their collection. If you can appreciate simple aesthetics and functionality, this is the pipe for you.

You can find the Classic Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs at your favorite head shop where it will usually msrp for about $39.99, but online you can grab it for under $20. Either way it’s a great deal.