Super Dope : Strain Review


Published: 12/30/2011

by Sto


Super Dope Strain

Name of Strain: Super Dope


[Genetics/Lineage] Cannabis %80 Sativa Hybrid (Potent Landrace Afghani x Hawaiian Haze x [Massachusetts Super Skunk]); Breeder: Alternative Medical Alliance Cooperative


Appearance: Lush, giant neon calyxes that have produced so much resin it looks white. It has oddly large calyxes with a purple hue flowing out to the tips. The leaves are a healthy emerald green, which are also so ridiculously covered in trichomes, it looks as if it was dusted with powdered sugar. The stigmas, (Hairs), which are visible, are amber to amber with pink hues. The nug’s are the size of strawberry’s and close to the same density level. These Particular Super Dope nug’s are dried and cured to professional perfection. It looks almost candied or crystallized due to the high amount of trichomes and perfect cure. The extreme high count of trichomes helped add density to the nug’s due to crystallization.
Appearance under 100x Microscope: The nugs surface is so laden in trichomes you can’t see any of the nugs plant matter. It looks like a web of long stalked bulbous headed trichomes that color from cloudy to clear to opaque and are still transparent. The trichomes looked stacked, because they had no more room to grow on the nugs surface. This particular batch of Super Dope was harvested at peak THC percentage, sadly today most growers don’t know when that is, (or don’t care), you can tell this grower is a professional at what he does. As soon as you see amber on the nug’s capitate-stalked (trichomes) they have reached there peak THC percentage and it’s time to harvest. As the trichomes continue to turn amber the THC diminishes and CBD is created. Harvesting the same strain with all clear/cloudy trichomes will give you more non sedative somewhat energetic effects, if you let the heads start to turn amber it will give you more of a body or sedative effect. Regardless of indica or sativa, but it will still have the effects known for that particular strain, just dials it in to your personal preference. I wait until I see the heads turn amber and as soon as I see a few start to diminish it’s time to harvest. The grower handled the nug’s perfectly during the harvest, manicure, dry and curing process. There was about 95% of the glandular heads intact on the nug’s surface. I’m claiming this is the highest trichome count I have ever seen.


Aroma: Sweet and spicy with a strong pungent tropical flower smell with strawberry mint undertones. Super Dope smells more strawberry like than strawberry cough. Super Dope has so many different aromas it was tough classifying the scent on this one. It took over 20 minutes of inhaling the scent to get it perfect. Super Dope has a very particular aroma, not like any other strain I’ve had the pleasure of medicating with.


Taste on Inhalation: Strong Medicinal taste, with sweet and sour, mint/pepper undertones.
Taste on Exhalation: Deep “hash” like at first, that leads on to a sweet, tropical drink like taste, that lasts for a minute or two and leaves a strawberry, hash like taste that loiters on your palate for a good five minutes, if your patient enough to wait for your next inhalation.  Once the bowl was finished the ash burnt down to a “Snowy White” color. This means the flushing process was done perfectly. A good flush would be flushing your plants with five to ten times the size of the median container, and watering with only water no nutrients for one to two weeks prior to harvest. The more chemicals used, the more you would want to flush your growing median, or even better, the less organics used the less you would want to flush your growing median.   


Effects: For the first hour you feel happy and a wave of relaxation and euphoria floods over your body, as well as felling very social youll find yourself talking more than usual. After the first hour your eyes droop from about half way open to ¾ open. The somewhat energetic, very social and happy effects turn into extreme feeling of relaxation and sedation, as well as strong feelings of euphoria and anti-anxiety. Thanks go’s out to the breeder for creating this wonderful sativa hybrid, where the different effects of each strain used to create Super Dope are felt at different times. This is close to the “Dopest Dope” I’ve ever smoked.


Duration: 3-6 Hours (depending on tolerance level.)


Medicinal Traits: Works wonders to help patients who suffer from heavy anxiety, panic attacks, depression, Bi-Polar disorder, ADD/ADHD, arthritis, strong muscle relaxant, minor ocular relief, migraine relief, strong pain killer, helps patients who suffer from stomach disorders, also elevates your mood from sad to happy, with enhanced creativity and perspective. Super Dope is great everyday medication. If over indulged it may cause couch lock.


Overall: Super Dope would be most beneficial to MMJ patients who suffer from anxiety or panic disorders, ADD/ADHD, Bi-Polar disorder, PTSD, arthritis, strong pain killer and muscle relaxant. Super Dope’s triple sugar coated nug’s works just as well as anti-depressants and with a very high THC level 20+ the duration of the medicinal effects lasts up to six hours. Super Dope keeps you calm, comfortable and sedated without causing couch-lock. Super Dope is great for a “day time” or an “all day” medicine. It’s a great strain to get you trough your work day, without inhibiting you while curing all your medicinal needs. I’ve also notice trough testing it numbs stomach pain. Super Dope would also work wonders for patients suffering from any stomach disorder, and would help make eating more bearable for patients suffering from cancer and going trough chemo. May God bless their soul. To sum it up, Super Dope is a very potent strain bred for its many medicinal properties. Thank God for Cannabis.