Sugar Punch Strain Review


Published: 04/29/2016

by JakeC


Sugar Punch Strain Nugs

Sugarpunch, Nature’s Herbs Denver

Genetics: Super Silver Haze x The One

Appearance: Very tight, frosty buds that have a very satisfying combination of fluffy and dense.  Very sticky when broken down. It liked to clump in large plumes but this actually made it easier to pack bowls.

Appearance under 100x microscope: Not quite as white and frosty up close as you would expect from a strain that starts with “sugar.” There is a light dusting of off-white, almost yellowish kief surrounding light green buds.

Aroma: The scent had a strong lemon-quality that was also cut by a mild fruitiness. Very sweet and pleasant smelling. Reminded me of a nice Sour Diesel cross.

Taste on inhalation: Sweet and fruity with a mild mixed-berry quality.

Taste of exhalation: Quite harsh on the exhale which was unexpected as this inhale was smooth. A generic, earthiness in the exhale.

Effects: It took a few mintues but I was soon feeling a nice tingle in my chest. A short creeper that comes on noticeably and with a unique buzz. The body buzz was also greeted by feelings of euphoria shortly into the high. A happy, relaxed high that centers itself in the body. Although unique and subtle the high was not as intense as I was expecting from the recommendation.

Medical Effects: The ideal strain for someone looking to bring themselves up for some light activites that will ease into rest and relaxation as the day wears on. Highly recommended for that final push at work a few hours before you leave that allows you total relaxation by the time you make it home.

Duration: 2-3 hours.

Overall: The budtender recommended this strain specifically as the buds looked the most developed and the smoke was incredible. She was correct in the appearance of the Sugar Punch but the high did leave me feeling a bit underwhelmed. Even with the strong body buzz it proved to be a short-lived high that required several more tokes before I got the consistent effect I was looking for. If this unique high meets your needs, stock up, because it will take a lot to get the same buzz over and over again.