Strawberry Cough : Strain Review


Published: 03/02/2012

by RyanK


Strawberry Cough Strain Review

Name of Strain: Strawberry Cough


Genetics/Lineage: Strawberry cough is a sativa dominant hybrid bred from crossing Strawberry Fields, an indica from Vermont with unknown lineage, and the original sativa Haze bred from South American strains; neither of which are available anymore to the general public, if at all. The combination produces this strain, which is about 75% sativa and has a THC content of around 10-12 %.


Appearance to the Naked eye: The Strawberry Cough’s buds are of average density with medium hued green calyxes and leaves of a nice spring green. The bud was covered in trichomes that looked like it had been rolled in some powdered sugar- loose and plentiful. There are a decent amount of dark orange stigmas covering the nug too.


Aroma: I’m not sure if I would have smelled it if I hadn’t been looking for it but I could smell strawberries. Mainly the aroma is spicy and earthy but amongst all that there is a definite sweet and sugary way about it much like other haze strains.


Taste on Inhalation: The smoke is sweet and thick. It is smooth and feels good on the throat on the way in, but the name cough is there for a reason. And coughing is supposed to speed the rate of thc absorption into your lungs anyway right? Truth or urban legend?


Effects: It took about 8-10 minutes after smoking for the high to hit. It was a mild and gentle high, nothing too strong. It was positive and uplifting and energizing with seeming alterative properties. As the high continued it proved to be slightly euphoric and provided a sense of well-being before tapering off and leaving a mild body-high and continued relaxation.


Duration: The high took about 8-10 minutes to set in. It then lasted for about an hour or an hour and a half before fading to a little body-high. If you get a good cough in there though I’ll bet it hits you a bit quicker.


Medical Traits: Strawberry Cough’s euphoric and stimulating yet not-too-aggressive properties make this strain a good option for people dealing with depression or anxiety. It could also help with insomnia and mild pain relief.


Overall: Overall Strawberry Cough is a nice mild high that boasts many beautiful subtleties. The mild strawberry taste is there underneath the haze spice. The smoke is thick and smooth yet gives you a good cough too. The high is energizing while being relaxing and although there are analgesic effects the strain does not debilitate the patient. If you want a tasty, medium strength smoke with high medicinal potential check it out.