Strain Review: White Fire OG


Published: 11/18/2011

by Thomas the Dank Engine


Strain Review 420

So in my first crack at delivery service, I decided to try out Purple Elephant Co-Op. Wow did these guys work out great. After looking at their menu, my girlfriend and I decided to try out a couple of their strains; the White Fire OG being a top-shelf favorite amongst other patients.


Wow. The smell of this flower is crazy strong. At first, I couldn't get a feel of what it smelled like; it was simply too strong. After letting its container air out for a minute or two, the scent really catches your nose: a strong pine-sol, earthy aroma that's very bright and clean. It's very crisp and enticing; I couldn't wait to try it.


The nugs have dark orange or even light brown pistils peeking through its crystaline structure. The flower is quite dense, but not rock solid. Did I mention this stuff is filled and covered in trichomes? I have seen a decent variety of strains and pedistle-worthy buds, but in all honesty, this has to be one of the prettiest looking flowers I've ever smoked.


At first toke, you can really taste the cleaning-supply freshness up front, with strong earthy undertones on the exhale. As for punch, this strain is a K-O. From just one hit you begin to feel spacey and light. After two hits, and coughing up a storm, the medicine really kicks in to show its colors. Its indica body high is pretty prominent. It pulls you into the couch or chair you happen to be sitting in and locks you in place. The sativa end of the deal, on the other hand, has a strong pull upwards on the back of your head out the top of your skull, opening up your eyes and senses. It's not exactly a social high, but I would highly recommend this bud to those who need a sleep aid, suffer from pain, and to inspire and ignite creativity.


All in all the bud was very enjoyable, with it's high lasting 2-3 hours, which was just long enough for me to watch some tv before I went to bed. I am very satisfied with this and the rest of the medication I recieved from Purple Elephant Co-Op and will be ordering from them again soon.


Strain: White Fire OG


Type: Hybrid


THC Content: High


Uses: Creativity and Philosophy, Sleep-Disorder Relief, Pain Relief