Tahoe OG Kush (Original Cut) : Strain Review


Published: 01/18/2012

by Sto Nedagain


Tahoe OG Kush (Original Cut) Nug

Name of Strain: Tahoe OG Kush


Genetics/Lineage: Cannabis %50 Indica %50 Sativa Hybrid (Original Cut). Original cut Available as clone only, there is seed breeding Co. that has crossed Tahoe OG Kush with SFV Kush and calls it Tahoe OG Kush, its nothing like the original Tahoe OG.


Breeder: A Ganja Guru that lived in Tahoe in the late 80’s.

their beauty.


Appearance to the naked eye: Overly large bright green trichome stacked calyxes with dark green trichome covered leaves and brick red to light orange stigmas (Hairs). These particular Tahoe OG Kush nug’s are extremely dense due to the overly large swollen calyxes, which is a known trait of true OG Kush, if it doesn’t have extremely large calyxes and have a piney lemony smell its most likely not a true OG Kush and is probably a watered down phenotype or cross of an OG Kush with a strain like big bud for an increased yield. These particular Tahoe OG Kush nug’s had an ideal growing cycle, harvest stage, and drying stage but this grower could have worked on the curing process and would have been rewarded with the petrol, candied lemon, sweet aroma of OG Kush. There was a slight smell of chlorophyll so I cured and burped it for two weeks myself to get the proper taste and smell of this beautifully grown Tahoe OG Kush, once cured it was cured properly I began testing. A better flush would have increased the flavor and taste of these particular batch of Tahoe OG Kush.

Appearance Under x100 Microscope; The Full Headed trichomes range from opaque to amber in color, this grower harvested at peak THC production and it definitely showed with intensified effects. Even though the trichome count was oddly high, it would have been much higher if it was handled with adequate care during the harvest and drying stages. There was about %80 of the bulbous trichomes heads intact on the nug’s outer plant surface, break it open and it looked like stars shimmering in the sky without the city lights to destroying their beauty.


Aroma: Pungent candied hash with a strong petrol lemon funk that you can taste up in your nostrils from the very pungent scent alone.


Taste on Inhalation: Perfect, enough said! Lemon Pine Tar Petrol Ting, that lingers on your palate for a minute or two, if you’re able to wait that long for your next inhalation. This is exactly how Tahoe OG Kush Should taste, and if doesn’t its most likely not Tahoe OG Kush, that or very poorly grown.

Taste on Exhalation: Stronger more potent taste of inhalation taste but with an added extra Petrol/Diesel taste and a lingering aftertaste that you’ll still taste 30 minutes later. I would smoke this strain for taste alone, with as equal of potency. Medicate With Caution!


Effects: Heavy cerebral relaxation felt particularly in the frontal lobe of the brain and behind the eyes. Muscle relaxation, Anti-Anxiety, Positive Mood Enhancement, strong feelings of warmth and a “Comfortably Numb”, like feeling that slowly creeps trough the body, starting from the top of your head moving trough your eyes and pulsating down to the tips of your toes! Full body relaxation enhances creativity and promotes creative thoughts or ideas that otherwise wouldn’t have been conjured up. The strain Tahoe OG Kush, to sum up the effects is wonderful almost “Nirvana” like.


Duration: This particular strain of Tahoe OG Kush lasted 1.5 to 3 hours, and leaves you feeling relaxed for most of the day. Duration based on self medicating/testing with up to a gram used for full medical effects, effects may very due to each patient’s tolerance level.


Medicinal Traits: Heavy pain reliever, Anti-Depressant, aids in patients with Bi-Polar disorder, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, promotes feelings of well being and social behavior/comfort ability, minor ocular relief, migraine relief. Aids patients going trough chemotherapy or the aftermath of chemotherapy also helps patients who have trouble eating due to stomach cancer/disorders and hunger loss, due to high levels of THC, %26+THC%2+CBD. Tahoe OG Kush also aids in patients suffering from withdraw symptoms and chemical dependency, (Street Drugs), without having to take more chemical substances that are proscribed by doctors and are also addicting with withdraw symptoms of their own, (Pharmaceuticals).


Overall: Tahoe OG Kush was bred to Aid patients and people alike suffering most from chronic pain, spinal break-trough pain to be exact, as well as patients going trough chemotherapy. Tahoe OG Kush aids with everyone’s aches and pains, also works wonders as an Anti-Depressant and promotes creativity. Tahoe OG Kush is both a “Day” and a “Night Time” medicine, depending on amount used to self medicate, self medicate with less during the day as needed for pain, and self medicate with for night as needed for your particular ailment. Tahoe OG Kush has overly large neon green calyxes with an extra thick layer of trichomes which gives Tahoe OG Kush a great “Bag Appeal” that would put a shitty grin on any connoisseurs face.


Strain review Tested and Written with respect by Sto Nedagain for Nugs.com     


Twitter: @Sto_Nedagain