“Squeaky Wheel” by Osiris USA Glass


Published: 11/03/2017

by Stefin Bradbury


The squeaky wheel gets my dab with this gorgeous piece from Osiris. Made in the USA with lovely light, lime green accents, this bong also has a touch of gold and black accents as well. The piece comes with a small capacity bowl for flower but can easily be turned into your favorite dab rig by dropping a banger or nail and dome into the 90-degree stem, all available from Smoking Outlet’s accessories page. The flower bowl has its own mini-chamber which begins the cooling process immediately. And because it has a glass screen built in, you don’t have to worry about your precious nugs imparting any excess particulate matter into your bong, thus keeping your water cleaner, which keeps your smoke tasting its best.

And besides, friends don’t let friends dab out of dirty bongs.

This is a two-chamber bong made out of borosilicate glass. Your smoke rolls from the bowl, down the stem, into the mushroom perc, which diffuses your hit with air, filling the lower chamber. From there your smoke flows through a pair of  thin tubes, where it travels into the upper chamber, after which it rises through the spire-like neck and out the mouthpiece.

Did I mention that squeaky wheel?

Deftly set between both chambers is a cross made out of interconnected glass tubing that spins. And because of that glass-on-glass action, it sounds like a squeaky wheel. Definitely something to keep you from fidgeting while you await that eternal 8-seconds to exhale. The design is truly something to see, and play with.

My dabs were on point with a banger and carb cap installed. The flavors came through better than expected and the smaller dual-chamber design allowed for enough vapor to saturate my lungs without forcing me to cough, hack, and wheeze. Just a couple dabs will do and although I didn’t think I fidgeted all that much while smoking, I couldn’t keep from spinning that squeaky wheel...at least until my dabs hit me.