Sour Puss Strain Review


Published: 11/11/2014

by TBG


Sour Puss Strain Review

Cannabis Strain: Sour Puss 

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid (70% Sativa, 30% Indica)

Genetics: Sour Lemon OG X Critical

Smell: As soon as I opened the container, my nostrils were immediately hit with a huge, pungent citris/lemon fragrance. As I broke some of the smaller nugs apart, I noticed quite a different skunk-like smell, reminding me of a light, O.G. Kush smell.

Length/Strength: Medium to strong strength. Medium to long length depending of tolerance. 5 hours for me.

Taste/Flavor: My experiance with this strain has been a very enlightening one, and the flavor is one of the huge reasons why. This flower has a unique flavor! Seriously. When I inhaled the beautiful, cloudy, white, smoke, I noticed the sour(Perhaps diesel...) right away but when I exhaled, the flavor turned into something completely different. On exhale, my nose and mouth was showered with a pungent sweet-tasting lemon, earthy taste, that almost completely canceled out the sour.... VERY curious!

Medicinal Effect/Experience: While I am very experianced with medicating with medical cannabis, I was extremely fooled by the timing of the effects of this strain! After about 20 minutes, my pesky migraine started to lightly,almost float away as if I was just forgeting about the pain! 30 minutes later, I felt a rush of happy euphoria and alertness that I was lacking before I had medicated with this wonderful strain. More surprising was the awesome pain relief I got from a mostly sativa strain! This beautiful looking and smelling strain not only managed to keep me, alert, awake and euphoric, it also took away pain from migraines, and that is something some Indicas cannot even do(Well, not if you want to function, that is.). I am impressed!

Appearance: This particular cut was frosted with crystals on every single part of the nugs. The nugs are light green with bright orange hairs and the texture is just begging for you medicate, as any place you touch on the cannabis will leave your fingers shiny! This dreamy strain had my mouth watering from the get go, the buds  broke apart with almost no effort, revealing a sativa-like structure of crystals all over the palm of my hand. A fantastic example of an Indica looking strain but a sativa like texture.

Sour Puss lives up to it's name. I would believe that this strain would be good for almost anybody interested in cannabis at all for almost any ailment.  This particular cut was cured and grown to perfection, I give the grower props, 10 out of 10!  Although this is a Sativa-dominent hybrid, the Indica in this flower definitely has potential for some serious "couchlock". Start out slow, and respect the flower, or it will put you to sleep.

The good people at Real Kind Meds have done it again with their amazing service and amazing meds! THANK YOU Real Kind Meds for personally introducing such awesome strains! Thank you, thank you MMJ community! Lets get this stigma off of our wonderful flower!

Happy Medicating Folks, Cheers!