Sour Diesel - Strain Review


Published: 08/22/2012

by WellstheSourMan


Sour Diesel Strain Reviews

Overall: This was one of the best Sour Diesel samples that i've had in some time, and despite the potency, we can recommend it to beginners at small dosages, which seemed to provide a more moderate, uplifting effect.  At high dosages, this is medicine for more experienced patients only, as it was almost psychotropic at times, affecting both the mind and body in a major way and leaving us unable to do a whole lot other than “hang on for the ride”.  The appeal of this sample was top-notch and impressed everyone who saw it, especially real Diesel-lovers.  One veteran staff member who loves Sour D but has fallen away from it a bit due to its commercialization said that this sample reminded him of why he fell in love with the strain in the first place.  The smell and taste were both near-perfect for the strain, and both were equally pungent.  Simply put, if you like Sour Diesel, Urban Dispensary’s version definitely deserves a purchase.  It was a near-flawless grow of a notoriously-difficult strain to perfect, showing the prowess of the grow team as well as the post-harvest care team, who both did a spectacular job preserving the integrity of the medicine and the strain itself.


Appearance: (8.75/10)  This sample had the stereotypical Sour Diesel structure, with an open, large-calyxed look with a substantial amount of trichomes and the signature peach-pink pistils poking out in areas.  The texture was nicely sticky and unlike the standard “Colorado cure” , in that it was clearly well-dried, but still had some give to it, and left a tacky residue all over the fingers when broken apart by hand.  We found essentially no flaws with this sample, as the harvest timing was mostly perfect, and there was no sign of immature seeds, etc.  This sample would impress all but the pickiest of connoisseurs, and anyone who knows Sour Diesel intimately will recognize this sample immediately.


Aroma: (9/10)  Extremely pungent both pre and post-grind, this Sour Diesel had all the smells that we expect from the strain, at a very high level.  From a distance, it’s almost all skunk-fuel stank, but when it’s ground up, it becomes more complex and definitely takes on some sour citrus notes, as well as a slightly mentholated floor cleaner type of smell.  This one landed more on the fuel/skunk side than the citrusy side, but had both elements present at a high level.


Taste: (8.75/10)  Like the smell, the flavor was fuel and skunk-dominant, but carried some of the sour and even light floral notes as well, making this a rather complex Diesel overall.  The lingering oily aftertaste seemed to linger in the mouth and on the lips for 30 minutes after smoking at times.  The smoke itself was rather smooth and enjoyable despite having a healthy dose of expansion, as most good examples of the strain do — big hits will make you cough, but it doesn’t linger and hits the actual throat very smoothly.  The fluffy very light gray and white ash showed that it had received a proper flush and we believe that paid dividends in the taste department.


Effects: This med seemed to change its effects based on the amount consumed, as well as time time of day.  When consumed late in the day, and especially at high dosages, it was very much a “crusher” type of Sativa, knocking the legs out from underneath us, but keeping the mind very active and easily-pulled into activities.  When consumed at a lighter dose and earlier in the day, it was near-euphoric and uplifting (both mentally and physically, with quite a bit of visual/auditory simulation and the adventurous urge to seek out new activities.  In either case, the effects start with a near-instant rush of pressure to the eyes and face, giving a strong buzzing feeling and signaling the proper level of Sativa-dominant potency for the strain.  Another feature of this medicine was the strong pain distraction qualities, which seemed to numb and relax the body a bit, while keeping the mind so engaged that pain and tensions became an afterthought.  Past the 1.5 hour point, the potency definitely declined, and depending on which “choose your own adventure”-like course you were on at the time, it either took a turn for the tired or became less potent and retained the uplifting traits.


Duration: ~2 hours medicinal-level potency, 3+ hours overall duration


Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation, anti-anxiety (the strong start may be a little much for some patients, we suggest starting slow with Sour D), strong ocular effects, appetite stimulation, muscle and nerve pain reduction/distraction, and sleep aid at higher dosages (especially towards the end of the effects).