Snoop Dogg Arrested in Texas


Published: 01/31/2012

by Soilent Green


Snoop Dogg with Willie Nelson

Sheriffs in Hudspeth County, Texas arrested the famous rapper Snoop Dogg for drug paraphernalia at a Border Patrol drug-interdiction checkpoint around 3 a.m. last Saturday January 7. Agents noticed a marijuana-like odor coming from the rapper’s tour bus and proceeded to conduct a more thorough search of the vehicle. A drug sniffing police dog alerted the police to the presence of narcotics and found prescription bottles containing pre-rolled joints totaling a little over two ounces. In his native state of California, Snoop Dogg has a medical marijuana prescription which is used to treat the entertainer’s blurred vision and migraines. He is facing a Class C misdemeanor in Texas with punishment of up to 6 months state jail and is scheduled to appear in court by January 20th to face the charges. What is striking to note, is that Willie Nelson was arrested for marijuana possession at the same checkpoint in 2010. After Willie’s arrest Snoop Dogg had the following comments to say on, “They better leave Willie the fuck alone, man. Willie is a legend. Sometimes you need to back up off of certain people and have a certain amount of respect for your elders. And Willie Nelson is our elder. Willie Nelson is my people. If you got a problem with Willie Nelson, you got a problem with me.”


Texas continues to be among the leading states in the number of prosecutions against non-violent marijuana offenders. A generally conservative state, Texas, does not provide any protection against prosecution for medically licensed marijuana patients. Snoop Dogg’s high profile arrest highlights the need for federally-approved recognition of marijuana’s therapeutic benefits. His arrest may cause a very much needed trial law precedent in charging medical marijuana patients with paraphernalia instead of marijuana possession in non-medical states. This year we also are in a position to elect a president who is going to support legalization efforts on a national level, so be sure to do your civic duty as patients and vote for a president who will support your rights to medicate!