Silicone Mega Icer by Waxmaid


Published: 09/15/2017

by Ryker Hodge-Attili


Good. Grief. What is this slab of silicone? This is NOT your everyday silicone pipe. Over a foot tall, and weighing over a pound and a half, this is the Waxmaid Mega Icer, the first ice bong mold you can smoke directly out of, so it’s perfect for every season! You can always just smoke out of it as it is, once you take out the silicone mold plug, but say you're itching for a bonafide frosty hit? Well, with this pipe, you can create your own custom ice-lined bong - all the pieces for making an icy favorite are included with the Mega Icer, so you insulate your smoke with pure ice! Made of quality, thick, food-grade silicone, this pipe is as resilient as they come.

But how do does it work?

It looks great. It feels great. But you can’t figure out if it smokes great unless you know how to use it. Anyone can figure out how to smoke this thing as a normal bong, but if you’re looking for the ultimate Mega Icer experience, you’ve got to ice it. So how do you make an incredible ice bong with this thing? The manual that comes with the Icer provides 6 steps, but to make it more succinct, I’ve reduced it to 5.

First things first, you need to know what you’re working with. The Mega Icer has six individual pieces that make up the whole pipe. There’s the body, obviously, and the silicone downstem and glass bowl, but three more parts are a bit harder to recognize. On the top of the body, a silicone mouthpiece can separate from the main body. This is to allow the stopper, a silicone mold designed to keep the bottom of the bong free of ice, to slide in snugly to the base. Finally, there is a long silicone stick that can fit into the bong, plugging the stopper.

Steps to make your Mega Icer bong:

  1. Once you’ve taken apart all the pieces, including the mouthpiece, start by putting the stopper into the body, and sliding it down to the base. Make sure the stopper’s stem hole is aligned with the downstem joint!

  2. Insert the silicone stick into the pipe, plugging the upper hole of the stopper firmly.

  3. Fill the body with cold water until the pipe is full. If you plugged it right with the stopper and stick, no water should leak down into the bottom chamber. Once filled with water, you can put the mouthpiece back onto the pipe to cap it.

  4. Store your pipe in the freezer for 3-5 hours, until the water is completely frozen into ice.

  5. When you’re ready to use it, pour a small amount of hot water over the top of the pipe. This will flow down between the silicone stick and the ice walls and separate them, allowing you to remove the stick.


And that’s it! Now you’ve got a great silicone bong filled with walls of cool, cool ice. All you have to do is replace the downstem and bowl, fill er’ up, and you have yourself an ice cold rip!

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