Shattered Sweets Review


Published: 04/02/2017

by JT Reviews


JT Reviews Shattered Sweets

Hey family! Today I have the pleasure of bringing you a super positive review of awesome new edibles company out of Toronto, Canada... Shattered Sweets! 

This companies product is top knotch all the way! Just the experience of tasting thier beautiful decedent chocolates is worth the cost alone but it does not stop at fine taste and great looks. These chocolates hit joke!! Infused with distillate not only is the taste of the chocolate not impaired but it packs quite a punch. 

Shattered Sweets has their game down. The packaging is super exquisite and would make for a great gift for any occasion for the cannabis enthusiasts in your life. With your choice of reasonably priced gift box sets for that perfect gift you can't go wrong! Heck even if your just looking to spoil yourself Shattered Sweets is for you!

The Space Sponge Toffee is definitely my favorite of their fairly large selection. Tastes just like a Crunchie Bar!  And packed with 250mg of distillate it's a hard treat to beat! A notable mention goes out to thier Salted Caramel with Pretzel Bits covered in beautiful Milk Chocolate and infused with 200mg of distillate! Soo good to say the least.

Soo if your tired of wasting your hard earned money on edibles that taste like crap or plain don't work, then forget about the rest and give Shattered Sweets a try! You won't regret it I Promise!!

All in all this company and its products are at the top off thier game and have definitely earned the status of being JT APPROVED!!






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