Setting up an indoor grow room


Published: 12/21/2012

by Weed Widow


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In order to create an indoor grow room, you need to:

The indoor marijuana grow room was always something of an inevitability. As soon as Joe Stoner realised that some of the beans in his seedy bag of bush were viable, he was going to attempt to grow them, thus giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “pot plant”.


However it doesn't take a genius to realise that whilst the only place inside the house where it is possible for a light loving plant to thrive is the sunny window, it is also the least secure as far as secrecy is concerned. The cannabis indoor grow room was born.


An indoor grow room needs to replicate all the environmental factors necessary for good vegetative growth and maximum bud development. What is exciting about the indoor grow though is that it is possible through technology to not simply emulate these conditions, but to optimise them specifically for the cannabis plant. You may not get as big a plant growing marijuana indoors, but, done correctly, you will indubitably get one with a higher flower to leaf ratio. As to whether or not it is a better smoke … well that argument continues. For some, an organically grown outdoor plant will always be better by virtue of being more natural. For others, an indoor grown cannabis plant will have more resin, higher THC and firmer buds.


If you are building your first indoor grow room, we suggest you read through the following links first. You will be creating a unique space within your home, and careful planning will always benefit in the long run. As with most things, budget will be a factor. There are some items that can be costed in at a later date, whilst others are essential from day one.


The above list may be daunting, but worry not. Our beginners guide to the indoor grow room will take you through each section. Remember you are – to a small extent – playing God by creating the ideal world for your cannabis plants. A little knowledge and thought will help you grow the best bud!


  1. Consider your grow space. Will you be building a specific grow room yourself, converting a storage space, or buying a grow tent? Read more

  2. Provide ventilation and air flow. These are essential, or your cannabis plants will suffocate. Ventilation also has an impact on the siting of your indoor grow room; you won't want to be venting air directly into a shared space (and if you have to, you must buy a good carbon filter).

  3. Growing medium. The cannabis indoor grown plant isn't restricted to being grown in soil. In fact many marijuana growers prefer other mediums such as coco, perlite/soil mixes, or hydroponics. What container should you plant your cannabis in? With the advent of smart pots and air pots is the plastic garden pot redundant? Read more here …

  4. Lighting. CFL, HID, LED? All work as substitute suns, but what do the acronyms stand for? And which grow lights should you choose for your grow room?

  5. Water. Sounds simple enough, but it is worth considering that your grow room should be easily accessible to a water supply. You may attract undue attention or create unwanted mess carrying bucket after bucket of water through the house. There's also the issue of pHing your water, as the high levels of pH commonly found in the domestic water supply will be extremely damaging to your cannabis plants.

  6. Nutrients. Feeding regimes specifically catering for the different stages in marijuana growth will make all the difference in the amount of bud produced.

  7. Cannabis seeds and strains. Choose a seed designed for indoor growing. Buy feminised seeds to avoid the issue of sexing your cannabis plants. Consider auto flowering plants if you want a short term (although often a much lower yield) turnover or if you experience any frequent problems with power supply (see flowering marijuana – photo-period plants).

  8. Security = safety and secrecy. Make sure noone discovers your indoor grow room by following this advice.