Seattle Strains: The Blue Magoo Review


Published: 04/03/2013

by Seattle Strains


Blue Magoo Strain Review

Strain: Blue Magoo


Type: Indica/Ruderalis


Source: Private Grower, Seattle, WA


Genetics: Blueberry/William’s Wonder f2


Appearance: Deep blue coloration to the leaves, thick crystals of dense Indica buds. Blue Magoo has the delicious aroma of its Blueberry parentage with a zesty tang uniquely its own.


Effects:  Blue Magoo is renowned for its painkilling ability. Expect a very heavy stoney head and body buzz followed by thorough relaxation. Because of its Ruderalis genetics, Blue Magoo supplies a sativa-like clear-mindedness at moderate doses that can be extremely useful for dropping pain levels while still remaining mentally functional.


Medicinal Uses:  Pain, anxiety/stress, insomnia.



Additional Information: Blue Magoo is one of those rare strains that can be hard to find in genuine form, despite the claims of some to have it. Every harvest I’ve ever seen was absolutely covered in blueish purple smatterings and dense crystals. It’s important to note that there *is* a separate strain called “Magoo”, which contributes to the confusion as well. This is not to say that every harvest of Blue Magoo looks exactly the same, but if someone says it’s “Blue” Magoo, and it lacks the blue and the distinct tangy blueberry odor, ask a few more questions to make sure they’re not confused. Blue Magoo is partially distinctive because of its Ruderalis genetics, the lesser-known third strain of the Cannabis genus, which grows shorter and more robustly than its cousins, autoflowers, and has effects similar to both of its cousins. Because of a number of features of the species, Ruderalis strains are not generally considered good candidates for commercial medical growing efforts.