Robhots Multi Pack Berry Blast 150mg Hybrid Review


Published: 11/20/2015

by @Canna_Review


Robhots Multi Pack Berry Blast

Robhots MultiPack - Berry Blast 150 mg Hybrid


Appearance: The packaging was inviting and easy to open. The color of the label corresponded to the flavors inside so I couldn't help but pick Berry Blast as it reminded me of Wild Berry Skittles.


Taste: The first thing I noticed about these were that they are very dense. I was expecting a little more give but you really have to chomp down on these guys. The flavors are good, but don't totally conceal the decarbed hash oil taste. Overall, they taste good but you can tell they are infused.


Effect: This is where Robhots earned my loyalty. This edibles company must be doing something right because two hours after eating 70mg I was knocked out (mid-day) and when I woke up three hours later I felt like I was on another planet. The following high lasted four hours. I highly recommend this product for people who want the most out of an edible, although the hybrid may not be best for those who are needing a functionable daytime high.