RastaMan OG Kush Medical Marijuana Strain Review


Published: 05/10/2013

by Sto Nedagain


RastaMan OG Kush Nug

Strain Name: Organic RastaMan OG

Genetics/Lineage: Cannabis Indica-Dominant Hybrid, Lineage is unknown.

Breeder: Mr. Natural

Appearance: Frosted neon to forest green swollen to the max calyxes, with leafs just as frosted with THC goodness and appear to be somewhat the same color as the calyx clustered organic nug’s, with a little more forest green added. (What little leafs there are this is a perfect trim job!) The Stigmas are light in color and resemble pink hues, somewhat like a Los Angeles sunset. These rock-solid nug’s of RastaMan OG were cured and dried to upmost perfection!

Appearance under 100x microscope: When viewed under the Scope, it turned into a forest of trichomes and I didn’t know how to get out! RastaMan OG may have the highest trichome count I’ve counted, they range in color from a perfect cloudy/Opaque with a slight amber to a small percentage of the Glandular trichome heads, assuring peak THC and CBD without effecting the great properties of the extraordinary THC production. You can tell the grower was careful when harvesting and curing this batch of RASTAMAN due to the high count of glandular heads intact. Again this is amazing medicine just in appearance alone, I couldn’t wait to start self-medicating!


Aroma: Some of the most pungent herb available on the medical donation market today, Lemon-Lime hash with slightly earth heavy diesel undertones.


Taste on Inhalation: Earthy, intense lemon-lime with notes of fine Afghani hashish, very noticeable smooth sweet smoke, that is very pleasing to ones palate. 


Taste on Exhalation: Lemon-Lime diesel Euphoria, with enticing diesel-lime notes, that permeates all the way to up to your nostrils and leaves a nice lemony aftertaste. Absolute Flavor Bliss! The last inhalation tasted as good as the first!

Color of Ash: Once the bowl of RastaMan was finally finished it had burnt down to a perfect “organic” Snowy white, assuring a perfect flush during the last weeks of flowering.

Effects: Very cerebral and uplifting within the first few minutes, meaning RastaMan OG has a very high THC content, I would guess 27% or higher. Full mind relaxation and body relaxation. Waves of euphoria flows from head to toe, attention increases, RastaMan OG is an Ideal strain for PTSD, and I find it to be great for patients with ADD/ADHD as well as some other social disorder’s. Pain level decreases, heavy feeling of sedation and euphoria set into hours of positive, IrIe, blissful, sedation from self-medicating with RastaMan OG.

Duration: 3-6+ Hours!


Medical uses: PTSD, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, ocular relief, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, great stress reliever, has an anti-seizure properties and med effect. RastaMan OG also cures migraines, great for curing asthma, due to RastaMan’s nice smooth, organic smoke which also works as an anti-inflammatory, and is a great strain for managing social disorders. If used to medicate in small amounts you will find RastaMan OG to have very heavy effects, yet still be functional, smoke a spliff to yourself or overindulge, and it’s a different story. RastaMan OG will also have very substantial noticeable medical effects to patients with a lower tolerance level.

Overall: Some of the best MMJ available, enough said. Everything checks out perfect from appearance, aroma to effects and a great calyx clustered structure that enhances the “bag Appeal” on first glance, RastaMan OG also has abnormally pungent very light smooth expansive smoke, that burns nice and slow tasting like the first inhalation, until the last inhalation. This Strain gets a 12 out of 10! Followe me on twitter @Sto_Nedagain, on Facebook search for Sto Nedagain. Email is Sto@Nugs.com, if you have questions or comments.



*Strain Reviewed, purchased by donation, with proper, up to date state card and doctor’s recommendation. Written for nugs.com with upmost care and love by Sto Nedagain of Sto Nedagain Ind. and freelance writer etc. for Nugs.com