Purple Candy : Strain Review


Published: 02/25/2012

by Ryan K


Purple Candy Strain Review

Name:Purple Candy


Genetics/Lineage: Purple Candy is bred by the Canadian breeders Smoke-A-Lot. It’s a cross between {Purple Wreck x OG Kush} x Godzilla Grape, which have some interesting lineages themselves. Purple Wreck is a cross between Purple Urkel and Trainwreck while Godzilla Grape is a has a long lineage containing such names as Purple Thai, Sweet Tooth #1 and Grapefruit to name a few.

A few websites I noticed are claiming Purple Candy was bred by BC Bud Depot from two of it’s strains The Purps and Sweet Tooth. When I called them to inquire they had in fact never even heard of Purple Candy and frankly were surprised that anyone would cross The Purps with anything, it being so wonderful on its own.

Purple Candy is an indica heavy hybrid with noticeable sativa effects early on.


Appearance to the Naked Eye: Obviously a purple. The calyxes are a deep satisfying hue of royal purple on a bed of dark evergreen leaves. The leaves come frosted with white trichomes and surrounded by dark amber or brown stigmas. Bag Appeal… yes.


Aroma: There is an obvious rich candy-like smell to this variety. It’s something like a cotton candy or a lollipop texture to the smell. Digging a little deeper the classic Sweet Tooth funk is there along with a little piquant aroma too. But there is definitely a sweet syrupy smell to it.


Taste: Upon inhalation the sweet candy smell is followed up by a sweet candy taste. It has a large mouth-feel and a lingering flavor. There are hints of a nutty or seed-like flavor once you get past the candy too. A little like sunflower seeds maybe? But it definitely hits the tip of the tongue with some sugary flavor.


Effects: I found the effects to be immediately calming and mentally clarifying. There is a touch of sativa qualities that come on just at the onset for the first five minutes or so while the indica-dominant traits set in. The full effects hit around fifteen minutes in and I remained buzzing for a good twenty to thirty minutes before settling into the lingering body-high.


Duration: The effects of a joint lasted a good hour and forty-five minutes and continued lingering mildly for another half-hour to an hour.


Medicinal Uses: This strain would be helpful for anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms and general pain management.


Overall: With a relatively high THC content Purple Candy is a solid and relaxing indica high. It’s good for the body and mind and I found it effective for treating my muscle spasms. It’s comforting and sedating and I was definitely feeling the couch-lock. My recommendation is to try it out… it has some unique nuances to the whole high and how it descends from the mental stimulation early on to a placid numbness, but really… there are better strains out there probably for what you’re looking for whether you’re a patient or a connoisseur.