Presidential DoubleSpeak - Obama on Cannabis


Published: 05/07/2012

by Theodore Hartman


Obama Cannabis

Doublespeak: noun Evasive, or ambiguous language that is intended to confuse or deceive.


In a recent interview for an article with the Rolling Stone President Obama is trying to make clear the disconnect between his 2008 campaign promises and the recent crackdown that has affected dispensaries and others since it began. The problem with all of the president’s statements in the interview is that they come with the same amount of doublespeak that must have accompanied the President’s statements and subsequent formalized memo to Department of Justice Attorney General Eric Holder. The President does make quite clear that the statements he made during his campaign if not doublespeak were an out and out lie to the medicinal users of cannabis in the United States who gave him they’re vote in hopes that his administration would be far different from administration’s past. The frightening conclusion is that the hopes of medicinal cannabis users may have been in vain because it is becoming increasingly clear that this President truly is an iron fist cloaked in a velvet glove. Who deceives at every turn with mass amounts of doublespeak.


Before I relate the hypocritical statements the president made in the rolling stone article I would like to spend a bit of time on doublespeak. At its core doublespeak is saying one thing and doing another, but there is an art to doublespeak. For the misleading language must be so genuine that no one could construe it’s meaning, and that is where the presidents artful use of doublespeak really shines. During his 2008 presidential campaign with cannabis as an issue was being addressed by most candidates. For the president to garner the support of the cannabis legalization movement, and the medicinal cannabis community (which are generally favorable to democrats) he had to assure the community with his words how he would be different. The president assured people that in a time of fiscal crisis his administration would not use valuable sparse resources to enforce federal laws in the states that have passed medicinal marijuana laws that made it legal to use cannabis as medicine in those states. Now any normal voter would take this statement which is a cool headed approach to a difficult issue as a genuine administrative philosophy. That we could vote for this President because he would recognize a states right to pass their own laws without having to be impeded by federal imposition and therefore as a Presidential candidate with such a cool headed approach to the medicinal cannabis issue that he would essentially respect the 10th Amendment by not abusing the commerce clause so the federal government could justify interference with policy that was voted on by people and made state law. With such a cool headed approach and with such sound philosophy on government we should have known that it would be too good to be true and it was.


Obama in the Rolling Stone article said and I quote “"What I specifically said was that we were not going to prioritize prosecutions of persons who are using medical marijuana," Obama said. "I never made a commitment that somehow we were going to give carte blanche to large-scale producers and operators of marijuana -- and the reason is, because it's against federal law." Ah doublespeak. Now the medicinal cannabis community can really understand what was behind the cool headed approach to his stance on medicinal cannabis; doublespeak for political gain. It appears that when it comes to getting elected our President will use the proverbial magician’s trick while we looked to a more rational approach from our President we failed to see what he was doing in his other hand. The president continued: "I can't nullify congressional law. I can't ask the Justice Department to say, 'Ignore completely a federal law that's on the books.' What I can say is, 'Use your prosecutorial discretion and properly prioritize your resources to go after things that are really doing folks damage.' As a consequence, there haven't been prosecutions of users of marijuana for medical purposes." more Excalibur status doublespeak. So in very nice deceitful words he is telling us that it doesn’t matter if a state passes a law or if citizens themselves pass that law this president’s administration is telling you and I’m paraphrasing “we aren’t going to arrest medicinal cannabis patients just the entire community that serves them” The President never addresses anything concerning the medicinal cannabis communities worries over how patients will be able to obtain they’re medicine when all the caregivers dispensaries collectives and even the training centers that train these individuals are being cracked down upon and shut down and threatened by numerous agencies so they will never open up shop, going so far as to bankrupt one of its key leaders.”


This president’s doublespeak is truly amazing aside from questions that he answered in the Rolling Stone article that I’m sure he was hoping he would avoid so not to put too much doublespeak out there because the problem with doublespeak as it is a lie we know that when you tell one lie to cover up another lie the lie becomes increasingly apparent. So while the president was at the Summit of the America’s in Columbia and despite calls from the presidents of Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Columbia President Obama refused to address possibly legalizing drugs as a possible solution to the ongoing violence associated with drug cartels that have plagued those countries for whom they’re presidents are trying resolve this problem, our President merely disregards the calls from other foreign leaders. Again we see the President use fantastic double speak Obama addressed the summit and in no uncertain terms told them that we would actually have more problems if drugs were to be legalized? And that he is willing to hold a discussion on drug policy. Doublespeak I’m calling doublespeak why didn’t you hold the discussion and the Summit of the America’s? He essentially told a group discussion (summit) that we’ll have more problems if drugs are legalized. Bear in mind that most of the “problems” are actually upwards of 50,000 dead people in Mexico, now they didn’t get killed because drugs are legal.


The president’s doublespeak will go down in history so convoluted and so exquisite is his doublespeak that writing this article I’m having trouble deciphering exactly what he is up to. Is he going to triumphantly announce the end of the crackdown right before the summer so as to doublespeak the cannabis community to his side again? Will the cannabis community fall for it again? The one thing we can be sure is that for the President when it comes to anything cannabis he is going to deceive you with doublespeak he is going to make promises he isn’t going to keep.


So to sum up what the president is actually saying in the rolling stone article and what he said when addressing the Summit of the America’s: It is quite simply that Yes he isn’t going to arrest medicinal cannabis users, but he will make sure his Justice department is using every resource it has to shutdown medicinal cannabis caregivers, dispensaries, and providers this will seep into many other places such as shutting out or with other maneuvers remove the doctors that are giving prescriptions because the doctors aren’t patients and they are recommending something the federal government says is illegal, he will thusly fight tooth and nail to make sure that if anyone in America does want access to medicinal cannabis they can get it it’ll just be impossible. He will not hold any serious discussion on drug policy reform to the detriment of other nations, but buck up at least he isn’t going to arrest the patients…..Yet?



Obama's War on Pot from Rolling Stone Feb 2012