Planetary OG Kush : Strain Review


Published: 03/02/2012

by Sto Nedagain


Planetary OG Kush

Name of Strain: Planetary OG Kush


Genetics/Lineage: Cannabis/Indica Dominate, Hybrid 20% sativa 80% indica, Mars OG Kush X Jupiter OG Kush, the 20 % sativa comes from Sour Diesel bred to make Jupiter OG Kush, other strains kept secret. Seed Breeder: Unknown?

Appearance: Giant earthy, pine needle green calyxes with dark green leaves and brick red stigmas (hairs). That was dense with slight sponge like feeling to the oddly large completely swollen, THC soaked Planetary OG Kush calyxes. The dry & cure of these particular nug’s of Planetary OG Kush was performed to medicinal marijuana connoisseur perfection as all Medical Marijuana should be but isn’t, Mostly due to the vast amount of less knowledgeable Medical Marijuana Caregivers cultivating medical crops.


Appearance under a 100x microscope: The trichomes were around 90% opaque and around 15% amber; reassuring perfect harvest time and peak THC production with I nice percentage of CBD as well. All bulbous glandular THC heads were intact and completely swollen to the max with THC on this particular Planetary OG nug inspected; thus meaning perfect handling during the harvest, manicuring, dry and curing stages. Planetary OG Kush has an extremely high trichome count and cannabanoid production. This strain would be ideal as a “Hash Plant” specifically grown for a hash or concentrate harvest. Trimmings would make great butter/oil for cooking/baking.


Aroma: Intense Lemon-Lime Pine Tar with strong Hash like undertones that permeates all the way to your taste buds, to the point of vividly tasting the extremely pungent aroma. You are able to smell an open jar of this strain from 20 feet away and if a jar is left open the aroma will hotbox your whole house and out the front door, smell masking (incense, Orange Chronic herbal masking spray), is almost a must! If masking matters where you are located!


Taste on inhalation: Sweet sour lime, very pungent pine oil flare that sticks to your pallet and leaves a thick slick of oil around your mouth; with deep petrol hash like undertones that permeate up into the depths of your nostrils.


Taste on exhalation: Extremely pungent thick petrol like smoke, very reminiscent of fresh key limes with strong pine needle lemon hash like undertones. With a lingering lemon zing like taste that loiters on your pallet for a minute or two. Planetary OG Kush has very cool, thick, expansive in the lungs, even burning smoke. Once the bowl was finished it burnt down to a perfect “Snow White” ash; meaning a perfect flush and one to two weeks of watering with out nutrients, only water. Without an adequate flush your medical marijuana harvest will taste harsh, burn uneven, spark and crackle when lit and be all around a waste of what could have been a beneficial medical harvest helping yourself and or many patients in need of quality grown medicine at a reasonable price.


Effects: Very strong effects!!!! 80% body, 20% cerebral, with a comfortably numb feeling behind the eyes and as equal of a numb like effect/feeling throughout the body, very noticeable in spine and joints especially felt in your knees and elbows. Planetary OG Kush also causes very sedative like effects and should be used to medicate with caution. This is ideal as a “nighttime” strain due to its high THC and CBD content. 25% + THC, 2%+ CBD and if overindulged may cause extreme sedation or feelings of sleepiness.


Duration: This particular harvest of Planetary OG Kush 2 – 4 hours of full effects felt. Duration based on self medicating and strain testing with up to a gram used for full medical effects. Effects may vary due to each patient’s individual tolerance level and body functions.


Medical Effects: Best suited for patients suffering from chronic pain, chronic nausea, mussel spasms, debilitating insomnia, manic depression, migraines, glaucoma as well as patients going through chemo therapy and minor anti anxiety; as well as a very strong sedative. Planetary OG Kush is also a great substitute for opiate based pain killers!


Overall: Planetary OG Kush medicinal marijuana strain is sold for up to $95 an eighth in some co-ops/dispensaries; due to its extremely pungent OG Kush taste, aroma, look and effects, which is why OG Kush is so sought after and the most popular strain on the California Medical Marijuana market today. Some strains of OG Kush have been lab tested at 32.8% THC. To most people OG Kush is only a name and a ravishing photo having never had the pleasure of medicating with this wonderful gift to man, hopefully soon that will change.