Pineapple Express Strain Review


Published: 02/26/2016

by JakeC


Pineapple Express Strain Review

Pineapple Express Strain Review from Mile High Green Cross in Denver Colorado

Genetics: Trainwreck X Hawaiian

Appearance: Very fuzzy, airy buds that are elongated like a sativa. Color ranges from dark green in small patches and light green overall with bright orange hairs. Looks like a great sativa.

Appearance under 100x microscope: A healthy dusting of kief covers these buds that is light-brown with a few orange crystalline formations.

Aroma: A high floral and fruit mix. Very pleasant like a scented candle.

Taste on inhalation: An instantly fruity taste that hit me like a sour gummie. They definitely got the flavor correct in the grow process.

Taste of exhalation: Extremely light and sweet which provided me with a minimal cough. One of the best tasting strain I’ve ever had at Mile High Green Cross.

Effects: The buzz quickly took over my head region and I could particularly feel it in my jaw which seemed to be numbed to the point that I thought I would uncontrollably drool. Although my jaw was relaxed, my head began ringing with a light energy that was very welcoming.

Medical Effects: A great pick-me-up strain that won’t leave you feeling too anxious. Most hybrids are great for light activities and this one is no exception. I was able to get outside and take a relaxing walk and I could sit down and concentrate on writing when I was finished, making this an ideal smoke for all types of users.

Duration: 2-4 Hours. Comes on quickly and fades rather quickly as well.

Overall: One of the most popular and widely known strains, Pineapple Express can fly off the shelves at most dispensaries, causing the quality to lower as the demand rises. Being a small, Mom and Pop shop, Mile High Green Cross can truly spend the time caring for and developing this excellent strain, making this one of the best varieties of Pineapple Express I’ve ever experienced. A perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy, sativa-leaning hybrid that provides a quick burst of energy.