Pax Vaporizer Review: Portable Simplicity


Published: 02/07/2013

by Christopher D. Argyropoulos


The Pax Vaporizer

One word comes to mind when looking at the Pax Vaporizer: Apple. That’s right I said apple, but not the granny smith kind, I am talking about Steve Job’s Apple. Put the Pax next to your Macintosh or iphone and you will wonder how there is any way they weren’t made by the same company. The portable Pax vaporizer is made by Ploom however, and will cost you about $250 (certainly sounds like apple prices).


The Pax is not much bigger than the width of your palm, and fits snug in your hand.  A great trait about the Pax is that it doesn’t really look like a vaporizer. Unless you have it to your lips (and even sometimes then) it is almost impossible to tell. I, myself have the all black one so it pretty much just looks like a battery.

    On the bottom of the device there is a magnetic cap that covers the filling chamber. To open you simply push down one side and the other lifts up making it easy to pop off. It is a larger size chamber considering how small the device is. Another nice feature of the Pax is how evenly it vaporizes your herb. Once you are done and empty the chamber all the herbs are evenly brown with no burnt pieces. When I am done using it I feel like it was able to use every last bit up.

Once you click on the mouthpiece it pops up like a pen top and begins heating up. It takes about 30 seconds to get fully warmed up. When its done heating up the light on the front changes from purple to green. When the device is put down and not moved for a short while it will automatically shut down which is a nice safety feature. Also If you shake it at any point it will tell you how much battery life you have left by blinking green (full), yellow (half), or red (low). To change the temperature settings at any point simply pull the mouthpiece off and underneath there will be a small white glowing button that you use to cycle through the different temperature settings. There are three different choices: low (Yellow – 370° F), medium (Orange – 390° F), and high (Red – 410° F). When you click the button it will switch to the next color until you reach your choice. I find that using orange for the first few pulls and red for the last couple seems to best vaporize the herbs, but it is all about your particular preference.

Pax Vaporizer by Ploom


This leads me to probably the only problem I see with the Pax. When you are taking your pull there will be a bit of resistance causing you to take slower longer pulls, and it will be hot if part of your lips are in front of the mouthpiece as opposed to wrapped around it. Also the mouthpiece is sometimes hard to get off, but I don’t really see that as a con.

Saving the best for last I must now talk about the vapor quality. Having had tried the Digital Volcano, which many refer to as the Rolls Royce of vaporizing, I can say that while thePax produces less vapor, the taste and quality are almost on par with the Volcano. You won’t be blowing out thick clouds of vapor unless you are on the red setting where it feels a little more like smoking, but you will get great taste and potency, which will certainly make up for it.

If you are looking for quality and portability in your vaporizer and have a little bit extra cash to play around with then I highly recommend the Pax by Ploom. It isn’t as extreme as the volcano but still finds itself ahead of the other portable vaporizers.   So for the person somewhere in between it is a very well built product and will last you years to come (if not there is always Ploom’s 10 year warranty).


The Pax Vaporizer is available now for $249.99