PAX Personal Flower Vaporizer Review


Published: 05/19/2016

by @Lacey_Project


PAX Vape Nugs

When I first got my medical marijuana card, I was giddy and excited to hopefully have some relief from my chronic fibromyalgia pain without having to take a handful of pills with every meal. I asked around on Massroots and some of my friends and when it came time to invest in what would be my first big purchase, a vaporizer. I settled on the PAX because it came up the most in conversations and seemed everyone that had used it loved it. I have a young son, and the odor of marijuana is a bit much, even though I don’t smoke around him the smell lingers on my skin and clothing, it’s a bit much sometimes even for me! I could have bought a bong, I could have bought a roller with all the fixins, but I wanted something that was going to be a little stealthier and more discrete than a joint or a bong. It seemed PAX lovers were happy with whatever model they had and being I live on a small fixed budget I did try and save a few bucks by buying the PAX over the PAX2. I’m not sure if I regret NOT spending the extra sixty or seventy dollars to upgrade or if I regret the purchase all together. 

I bought my PAX during my first trip to the dispensary. That is a pretty emotional time, or at least for me it was. I was so excited to not have to rely on fistfuls of pills for my chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia. I actually cried, I’ll admit it. The counselor asked me questions about my needs and my uses to figure out what would be the best way to medicate for me, and because I live in an apartment and I have a child, I wanted something discrete and odorless. Together we decided that a vaporizer would be ideal for me and my needs. At the dispensary that I went to they pushed PAX over any other brand, and I felt like if the dispensary promoted it, it must be good! They told me that pretty much the only difference between the one and the two was things like the mouth piece and how they charged and size. They said that the PAX was the simplest thing to use.

That was not my experience. 

I didn’t like the PAX from the start. Everyone told me it was because I needed to get used to it and that it would grow on me once I got used to not smoking. (I am a big fan of a nice piece of glass or a perfectly rolled joint. I’m not fancy or technical by any means.) So, I really put forth the effort in not hating it and tried to get used to it. The next time I went to the dispensary I spoke to a bud tender about it and asked what were my optionswere if I didn’t like the PAX I purchased from them. I was hoping to return it. They told me they couldn’t take it back and that I had to deal with the manufacturer. I explained the nature of my issues to the budtender. The first time I used it I noticed a metallic taste, who wants metallic tasting bud vapor? I don’t!  Also, the mouth piece didn’t click in and lock like it should. Sometimes the mouthpiece would pop right off! I felt like I had to use the PAX on the highest setting to get any vapor and it didn’t consistently produce vapor like I expected it to. She repeated herself and told me that I had to call the manufacturer.But another budtender overheard and asked me why I didn’t just buy a bong, something I had been asking myself for a few days at that point.

So I reached out to PAX. I didn’t have a computer at the time, which made the process way harder than it needed to be, but I had to mail it back to them to look at. They didn’t have it long before sending it back to me cleaned and with a new mouthpiece. They said they weren’t able to get it to do the things I described to them and that they found it to be in perfect working order. So, again I gave it a try. I had no luck, the mouthpiece still didn’t click in properly and I didn’t find that it lived up to the hype. I couldn’t return it to the dispensary or to PAX because it had been used, but I hated it. I tried to sell it to other patients, but everyone that tried it felt the same as me. I was told by PAX that I just didn’t understand how to use it and to read the user’s manual and they emailed me a how to guide. I read the user’s guide and I just don’t get it. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, or how every person I asked to try mine had the same complaints as me; metallic taste, annoying mouthpiece (burning lip and no clicking in to place) and very little vapor.Could we all be using it wrong? 

My PAX has been a disappointment, and something that sits in its original box in or around my nightstand taunting me. I should have bought a bong… I really wanted to love the PAX I did. I tried so hard to love it, because it would be so nice to have a portable smokeless way to medicate, but instead I have a $210 paperweight.