Osiris Glass Cyclertron Review


Published: 06/20/2017

by Doug Mackar


Take my word for it, the pictures do not do this pipe justice. Even Osiris Glass’ Instagram picture is incapable of capturing the grace and beauty of this pipe. You have to see it up close and hold it in your hand to really appreciate the work that has gone into it. And let me guess, you’ll probably want to smoke it, too? Yeah, that’s what I figured. This hybrid bong/dab rig is definitely worth a closer look.

This is the kind of pipe you’d like to have on display on top of a lighted, spinning base like the hot new release at a car show. The colors are soft, but crisp and distinct. The joints between the different colored chambers is absolutely seamless. The level of detail and the perfection of symmetry in this pipe is stunning. But what did you expect from a company like Osiris Glass?

Let’s toke a closer look at this pipe: The first thing you’ll notice is the intricacy with which this pipe is designed. The colors highlight the depth of thought that went into making one of the coolest recycling pipes I’ve seen in a while. A conservative count will give you eleven different sections, tubes or chambers, with a series of recyclers connecting them seamlessly. This pipe is made to move smoke, and move smoke it does.

The disc-shaped base serves as the first chamber in the pipe. It features a tri-clops percolator and shares space with the shaded cylindrical central chamber, which acts as the hub of the entire pipe. After exiting the tri-clops perc, the smoke is circulated and recycled throughout the pipe via one of four multi-colored space station arms surrounding the outside of the pipe. Each of these arms connects with the rest of the pipe in three places: The lower disc chamber, the center cylinder chamber, and the upper disc chamber which serves as the base of the neck of the pipe.

But how does it smoke?

So we agree, it looks great. But how does it smoke? The simple answer is: It’s smokes as cool and smooth as it looks. One thing this pipe does better than most small bongs or dab rigs is that it makes the most out of every bit of internal space within the pipe. It is extremely efficient. And the bubbles that form from all of the micro movements within the pipe allows your herb or concentrate to maintain it’s ideal taste as you smoke it. The result is an ever-circulating and percolating draw that keeps the smoke from getting stale as you take bigger, longer hits. Standing at only 7 ½”, this pipe smokes as strong as a pipe twice it’s size.

It’s easy to hold, and the small mouthpiece is comfortable to hit. I predict that this will quickly become your new favorite piece. By default, this is a bong, but that’s only because Osiris chose to deliver it with one of their high-end bowls. With four colored beads around the outer edge, it is easy to pull and hard to drop. Inside the bowl is five small holes around the edge, rather than a single hole in the middle. This allows a more even burn and a more efficient use of your herb. Technically, just by changing out the bowl or banger, any pipe can be converted from a bong to a dab rig or vice versa, but few pieces can handle the responsibility of both types of smoking with the flawless quality of the Cyclertron by Osiris Glass.

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