Original Blueberry : Strain Review


Published: 02/07/2012

by MileHighNugs


Blueberry Nugs

Blueberry - Strain Review

Strain Name – Original Blueberry [Thai Sativas (Oregon Purple & Juicy Fruit) x Afghan Indica]


Genetics/Lineage – The original Blueberry strain genetics trace back to the West Coast during the 1970’s. During such time, a breeder by the name of DJ Short was hard at work selecting traits and favorable phenotypes for future crosses. Of the superior strains possessed by DJ Short, the finest Oregon Purple Thai Sativa and Juicy Fruit Thai Sativa were selectively bred with a potent and promising California grown Afghan Male Indica. The resulting generations were further stabilized and produced the first of the Original Blueberry strain. With an 80/20 Indica dominant composition, the Blueberry strain is known to produce compact plants with relatively high yields. The temperature-finicky Purple Sativa genetics commonly show up in the Blueberry plants as the strain will easily show hues of purple at the slightest decreases in temperature. The pictures shown are of a Original Blueberry strain bred at Centennial Seeds Boulder, CO.


Appearance – Based off appearance alone, it was apparent that these nugs were of top quality. Heavy resin production could easily be seen through the seemingly never ending amount of trichromes. Thick, bulbous and unbroken trichrome stalks proved a proper and thorough cure. The slight amber shine showed they were harvested during peak ripeness. Growing in a cluster arrangement, the medium-sized calyxes were heavily frosted and each housed a pair of vibrant orange pistils (hairs). These particular Blueberry nugs exhibited the classic blue hues in both leaf and calyx color, but did not show any signs of purple. Keep in mind that many Blueberry nugs will show varying degrees of purple and lavender coloration. This is due to temperature changes during the flowering period. Nug density is average.


Appearance Under 20x Magnification –  Under magnification, the realization of just how dense the trichromes are becomes evident. With such heavy crystallization, one can rest assured that the nugs will easily live up the claimed 19.5% THC. The nugs pictured revealed an even mixture of amber and opaque trichromes; the perfect mixture for an Indica dominant strain. Mostly opaque or clear trichromes will work fine with sativas, but for an Indica to reach full potential, a healthy amount of amber trichromes are desired.


Aroma – Sweet and fruity. There’s not an overwhelming blueberry smell, but the buds do smell strongly of a mixture of berries. Beneath the sweet and fruity there are the slightest hash and skunk undertones.


Taste on Inhale – Slight sweetness, but mainly driven by a strong hash like taste. The hash taste is most likely derived from the large amount of trichromes.


Taste on Exhale – With a large expansion that feels almost as if it ‘coats your lungs’, some may find it difficult not to cough while exhaling. It’s a potent smoke, but very pleasant. On the exhale, the Blueberry flavor shines, lighting up your palate with both sweet and fruity notes. The cool and refreshing blueberry flavor also lines the nasal passages, providing the sweet aroma for a few minutes after exhaling. It’s one of those strains that tastes the same way it smells, and that’s a good thing.


Effects – The potency of the inhale can almost be felt immediately. An instant warmness around the eyes and a tingly sensation of the head can be felt. As time progresses, this sensation continues throughout the body, leading to complete relaxation. While the muscles are relaxed, the mind is stimulated, energized and ready to create. It’s one of those hybrids where you get the best of all the parents. The Indica makeup of this strain really lends a hand to the body relaxation, while the Sativas plays a strong role in the anxiety-free cerebral euphoria. Morning medicates will find a small dosage of Blueberry to be an effective and drowsy-free way to start the day, but overindulging will lead to grogginess. You can count on the munchies, so keep some food around.


Duration – The cerebral euphoric stage will readily last for 1-3 hours with the body relaxation extending another 2-4 hours.
Time depends on tolerance and dosage.


Medicinal Traits – Blueberry effectively works to ease muscle and chronic pains while also relieving stresses brought on by anxiety and bi polar disorders. Its appetite stimulating properties can greatly help patients suffering from anorexia and eating disorders as well. Even those with stomach issues will find a great deal of comfort with Blueberry, as it alleviates nausea and IBS symptoms.


Overall – For patients seeking relief against muscle and chronic pains, Blueberry shows time and again to be a solid option. The muscle relaxing properties help to make your body feel at ease, while proving not to cloud your mind. Blueberry should be regarded as one of the finest strains of cannabis available. Its taste is unparallel to any modern strain and its medicinal value is exceptional. With an average dosage, Blueberry can be an energizing and stimulating morning/daytime smoke. In heavier or repeated dosages tiredness and couch lock will set in.


Nugs Scorecard – Blueberry


  • Appearance – 8.5/10
  • Aroma – 7.5/10
  • Taste – 10/10
  • Medicinal Value – 9/10
  • Overall – 8.75/10