OG Cookies Strain Review


Published: 09/07/2016

by JakeC


OG Cookies Nugs

Strain: OG Cookies

From: Mile High Green Cross of Denver CO

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush

Appearance: Very light, airy buds that were dark green with small lighter green patches  throughout.

Appearance under 100x microscope: The variation is striking in the magnified view with an almost neon green blending into a forest green with bright red hairs.

Aroma: Quite earthy with citrus notes that gave it a lemon-lime twinge. A subtly aromatic smell that was more pleasant than pungent.

Taste on inhalation: A mild sweetness that was cut with a pungy undertone.  Extremely “fresh” tasting strain.

Taste on exhalation: A strange reverse as the earthiness dominates the start of the exhale and leaves the lips with a slight citrusy taste on the back end.

Effects: A pleasant, light high that started with an uplifting feeling and quickly mellowed into a soothing Indica buzz through the body. I was quite impressed with the quick variation in this hybrid.  Very focused in the head where it predominantly buzzes.

Medical Effects: OG Cookies has a very robust, long-lasting medical high. When you put together a powerful sativa like Girl Scout Cookies combined with an extremely relaxing indica like OG Kush these are the amazing results.  Perfect for many ailments from nausea to pain to especially stress relief. A go-to for anyone looking for quick relief that stay consistent throughout the duration.

Duration: 5-7 hours. Keeps the relief coming for hours and hours!

Overall: OG Cookies is a highly recommended strain especially for its intense medical qualities. With a happy, relaxed buzz it provides the overall high that’s sure to melt away any minor ailments. Also a great smoke for anyone looking to get the most bang for their buck on every toke. This is definitely in the upper-middle class of Mile High Green Cross’ stock. Get it while it’s there because they only have it a few months of the year!