MMJ Edible Review – Indica Yak Capsules


Published: 08/08/2011

by Cyberghetto


Edible review – Indica Yak Capsules
by Cyberghetto

Rated on a scale of 1-5
Quality : 5
Price: 5
Availability: 4

    I'm always excited to find smoke-free alternatives when visiting a collective, but have often found dosage consistency to be an issue. Eating the same kind of brownie two days in a row can yield quite different results, but puts the same amount of sugar & fat in your body. Sure, edibles are great for helping insomniacs like myself sleep, but eating sweets at night makes me gain weight and rots my teeth.

     Patients who share these frustrations should try Indica Yak Capsules from Yak Edibles. Now let me be clear; I am not qualified to give medical advice. I am, however, qualified to tell you that when I got myself off a prescription anti-depressant/sleep aid, these little capsules were simply amazing. (I've since stopped taking any pills on a daily basis.)

     Yak Capsules aren't like your local collective's hash oil pills. They are made using cannabutter and grape seed oil with buds by machine. They might not be as strong as some local favorites, but they are a lot more affordable. Hand made hash pills can cost $10 or more and while they might be strong, they might be way more than you need. Yak Capsules are sold in bottles of 12, going for $20-25 a bottle in Los Angeles. Some collectives sell them 2 for $5. I consider myself a seasoned, um, medicate-er, I've never needed more than one.

    Each capsule is organic and contains 100 mg of “Prime flowers of Granddaddy Purple, Purple Kush, & Blue Cheese Indica Cannabis” This may sound a bit contradictory, given that Blue Cheese is actually a Sativa. However, they have found a really good balance in these three strains, which are all very high in THC and CBDs, (Cannabidiols, combat anxiety). 

    They go to work fast, 30-45 minutes, less if you put it into a beverage. Although its not required, it is a good idea to take it with some food like a piece of fruit. It feels warm and glowing, gradually increasing over the first hour after taken. Pain and anxiety seem to melt away. You get a good body & mind type of high; if you're tired, it can help you sleep but if you're trying to motivate yourself through pain, it's good for that as well. When I take them around 10pm, I can still feel it working the next morning when I wake up. This makes a huge difference in the day of a person who suffers from depression & anxiety.

    For the overall value, quality, and consistency, Yak Capsules offer the medical marijuana user something they can depend on. Smoke free medicating doesn't get any better than this. A lot of thought has gone into this product; this is the future of medical marijuana.