Nugs for the NFL, Football and Marijuana


Published: 02/12/2014

by Puddin’ Stein


NFL Nugs


So the hot news right now is the NFL for a variety of reasons. Michael Sam came out over the weekend. Ndamukong Suh fired his agents and hired Jay-Z to his advisory team.  But what is most compelling to come out of the NFL recently is talk about weed in the locker room.  Yep, your favorite NFL back blazing up after the game.  Not that this is a new thing.  It certainly isn’t. And with legalization on the minds of everyone, major league sports, including the NFL, can’t be ignored in the conversation.

Supporters of making marijuana legal for league players say that players are smoking anyway, so why not.  Others, like Ricky Williams, former running back for Miami, believe that the league is just trying to protect its image. As well, Pittsburgh Steeler Ryan Clark says that some players believe that marijuana is a healthier alternative to the prescription pain medication they would otherwise be taking (see Mike Chiari’s Bleacher Report article here). 

Opponents of marijuana use among league players include NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. And while he appears to be coming around (slowly but surely), he still contends that it is still an illegal substance on a “national basis” – translation, the Feds don’t have our backs if we do allow it.  He also contends that it is a part of the players’ union agreement to not use illegal substances. Others, like Richard Sherman say there’s “no need for weed in the NFL.”  Go figure. The big boys should just deal with the pain. 

I have never been in an NFL locker room.  I don’t know any current NFL players.  I would have to believe though, after having a 300 pound linebacker knocking you down for the umpteenth time, a joint would be welcome.  I believe, like many, that there are plenty within the ranks of the NFL that do smoke regularly. For as many of them that come up positive for drugs during testing, you’d have to be sleep to think they don’t. For the physical pain that they suffer, I believe that players should have the same choices we are fighting for – to smoke it if it benefits you. If NFL players are allowed to smoke at some point, I think it would be a good thing for many of the players and would go a long way in helping players have a choice in their own pain management.  I’m all for Nugs for the NFL!!


Puddin’ Stein



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