Northern Lights #5 (aka NL#5) : Medical Marijuana Strain Review


Published: 05/15/2012

by Sto Nedagain


Northern Lights #5

Strain: Northern Lights #5, aka NL#5


Genetics/Lineage: Cannabis Indica Dominant Hybrid, (Highland Thai x Landrace Afghan) from the original famous Northern Lights breeding lines; NL#5 was Bred for potency!

Breeder: Ed Rosenthal, you can purchase seeds from several different seed companies. Clones can be found in the California Medical Marijuana scene; may be hard to find! California medical marijuana patients: talk to me on Twitter and I will help you! @Sto_Nedagain


Appearance to the naked eye: The calyxes are a lush, healthy neon green with a very generous layer of visible trichomes that completely cover the nugs' surface all the way to the tips of the healthy, darker green, trichome-covered leaves. The nugs as a whole almost have a silver/blue hue to them, the stigmas (hairs) are the color of the sun and some faded into a light yellow. These particular NL#5 nugs are dense with THC-laden calyxes that have been swollen to the max with a perfect dry and cure, creating beautiful perfect nugs with the surface consistency of fly paper! The Sticky Icky Icky!


Appearance under 100x Microscope: The web-like trichomes range in color from a perfect cloudy/opaque to about 3% “amber” or diminishing heads, meaning the nugs have reached peak cannabinoid percentage, including CBD, without diminishing the THC percentage. The condition of the trichomes on the nugs' surface was almost the same condition of the perfect, untouched trichomes inside the nug, meaning the grower of this particular NL#5 used extreme caution in the harvesting, trimming, drying, curing, and transporting stages, leaving nearly all the heads of the nugs extremely high, trichome count intact. There were so many trichomes that they were literally stacked on each other!


Aroma: Very pungent herbal blueberry musk, with undertones of what reminds me of the aroma of Humboldt county first thing in the morning, as well as strong tones of pine oil with a slight sweet skunkyness.


Taste on Inhalation: Pleasant, sweet, deep berry hash-like with expansive smoke, the taste continues to grow into strong “Blueberry”-like tones that increase in flavor the longer that the inhalation is held.


Taste on Exhalation: Pungent, somewhat acrid, with deep “Blueberry” thick cool hash-flavored smoke with a lingering blueberry hash taste that lingers on your palate for a minute or five, if you're patient enough to wait for your next inhalation! The “hash like” taste comes from the extremely high cannabanoid percentage.


Color of ash once burnt down: When the bowl was finally finished it burnt down to a medicinally perfect “Snow White” ash, the last inhalation tasted nearly as perfect as the first!


Effects: Very euphoric with strong mind, muscle and full body relaxation and hunger stimulation. The euphoria continues to grow stronger as does the body-relaxing effects. Social Interaction is enhanced, attention span is affected as well as short term, (What?) memory. NL#5 will cause you to get sidetracked due to its interest-enhancing effects, perception of light changes, shadows start looking strange, extreme full mind and body relaxation felt especially behind the eyes which are hard to keep open, feeling of pure “Nirvana”. Classic blueberry “body rush” of euphoria; (that may cause you to doze off if overindulged), due to such great genetics and lineage. True NL#5 is a Sto Nedagain old time new favorite! Thanks Golden State Patients Association for always providing your patients with such great genetics!


Duration: 2-3.5 hours with up to 7 hours of relaxation and stress relief felt after duration time. Duration based on self medicating/testing with up to two grams of medical marijuana used for full medical effects; effects may vary due to each patient’s individual tolerance level.


Medical traits: NL#5 aids patients who are suffering from chronic pain, light to heavy insomnia, migraines, anxiety and panic disorders, PTSD and other social disorders, patients with hepatitis, patients who are going through chemical dependency or pharmaceutical withdraw symptoms, nausea, arthritis, possible ocular relief, patients going through chemotherapy, patients that need to create an appetite, minor anti-depressant due to its Highland Thai lineage, HIV/AIDS, stomach disorders, as well as a possible aid to patients with seizure disorders due to its strong muscle, mind and body relaxation, as well as stress relief.


Overall: Northern Lights#5 is the most potent phenotype of the Northern Lights family. NL#5 is definitely a night time medical strain. With beautiful, large THC-painted calyxes that grow in a finger-like flower formation, NL#5's bag appeal alone would put a smile on the pickiest of cannabis connoisseurs' faces before they even got a 2whiff of its wonderful aroma. The two best medical traits of NL#5 would be pain relief and insomnia, NL#5 is not a good strain for patients with ADD/ADHD that need to focus. Northern Lights #5 may have been around the block a few times, but if you find the right cut and it’s grown by the right caregiver, NL#5 will be more potent today than it ever was when it was first bred, flowered and named.


A Special thanks to Golden State Patients Association for providing their patients with such great quality medical marijuana at a compassionate price, helping patients one by one, always quality medication from Golden State! If you’re a medical patient in CA they can be found at 12570 Brookhurst St, #5 Garden Grove 92840. Open 11am-7pm Monday-Saturday and 12pm-6pm on Sunday. Phone#: (714) 530-3311. ONE LOVE