Northern Blueberry Strain Review


Published: 02/16/2013

by Angie


Northern Blueberry Strain Review

Genetics: Indica (Northern Lights X Blueberry)

Potency:     THC-17.16%






Smell: Fruity and spicy, reminiscent of fresh blueberries.

Appearance: Buds are medium packed but densely coated with crystals that show off a white twinkling in the light. Dark brown hairs coated in a coppery haze run throughout the flowers and a few purple highlights can be found along the edges and tips of the sparkling leaves. 

Taste: Sweet and fruity with a very mild harshness on the throat and lungs.

High:  A typical heavy indica high, munchie inducing with moderate couch lock and drowsiness felt by heavy limbs and eyelids. 

Medical Use: Good for nausea and stomach ailments, appetite stimulation, body pain, and sleep problems.